Pepero Thursday

11.11 is Pepero Day here in Korea. It’s not a “red day” or “빨간 ë‚ ” (which means a public holiday) but just a “commercial holiday”, much like Halloween or Valentine’s Day.
Pepero is a confectionery brand in Korea manufactured by Lotte. It is similar to the “Jack n’ Jill Chocolate Pretzels” brand in the Philippines. I always preferred Nagaraya’s Sweet Mini Pretzels coated in sugar when I was a kid.
Pepero has four variants: original, almond, peanuts and nude. My favorites are the almond and nude variety. I haven’t tried the peanuts though.
Before 11.11 comes, one would see special Pepero gift sets in supermarkets. Last Saturday, I took a picture of the display at E-mart ( a supermarket chain), where we bought some bath vanity.

Pepero display at E-mart

Other Pepero clones and gift sets were also on display like the big Kitkat in the picture:
Pepero clones at E-mart

My students gave me boxes of Pepero and stick breads last year. I thought it’s my turn to give this time. So I ordered a box of Pepero last Monday and it arrived today – 40 boxes of original and 20 boxes of almond. I’m going to give half to the kids at my son’s day care and the other half for my students!
A box of Pepero

I tried one tonight and it’s good – not expired nor a fake ;p
Pepero Almond

Happy Pepero Day! How could I fall prey to this commercial holiday?


  1. Hi Ate Betchay! I’ve been passing through your blog since I started searching for stuff regarding Korean visa application and I get to visit occasionally ’til now. 🙂
    Just came across this Pepero article. Ahaha! Me and my friends are Pepero loves so we thought of celebrating it today as well. I’m gonna give mine to my sibs. 🙂

  2. oooh today is pepero day? i love that snack but then again its kind of expensive here in the philippines. my favorite has to be the almond but i feel like everytime i bite into one i gain 5 lbs more 🙂

  3. When I was in Korea last Nov of 2010, pepero almond was one of my fave chicha…laging may baon sa bag pag inabutan ng gutom sa pamamasyal:-)

  4. Ma’am Betchay how will you celebrate Pepero day this year?
    I plan to give some to our Korean teacher.

  5. Peppero has four variants: original, almond, peanuts and nude. I am not sure if there are any new variants.Happy Peppero Day Ate Betchay and to everyone!

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