SoKor and Pinas accdg to Anti-Pinoy

Thank heavens the G20 Summit is over! I’m not used to seeing police officers regularly in the subway and on Friday there were even ten officers at one time at Guro Digital Station. I don’t even know what happened at the summit since I haven’t got the time to watch the news tonight. We went to E-mart to shop for things for our weekend getaway – in Buyeo-gun.
Before our trip, here’s something that I’d like to share: an article on South Korea and the Philippines on Anti-Pinoy. Another one is A Tale of Two Countries. The two articles were written by two different people.
Anti-Pinoy is one of the two sites that I visit regularly. The other being Pinoyexchange’s LAFI forum. In fact, I sometimes don’t even check my blog (especially when I’m super-duper busy) but I always make it a point to visit PeX.
I first found out about Anti-Pinoy in PEx. I’m not really good with words and oftentimes I couldn’t even put in writing what I want to convey. I often find what’s on my mind in the articles of Anti-Pinoy. It isn’t for the onion-skinned and the simpletons because it doesn’t patronize, but it’s truly one of the most patriotic sites out there.


  1. i love anti-pinoy! i’m glad you are into it too ate betchay.. it’s not for the sensitive ones though..

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