Is it time to panic?

I learned about the North Korean attack on the island of Yeonpyeongdo at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I was at work and I would check Pinoyexchange from time to time checking the news for the much-awaited SC resolution on Hubert Webb’s case.
What happened on November 23 at around 2:30 PM? The North Korean artillery attacked the island of Yeonpyeongdo, which is only about 13 kilometers from the mainland of North Korea. At around 11:30 PM, it has been reported that two South Korean soldiers died, 20 soldiers and civilians were wounded and one high school student missing. Residents were told to take refuge at the bunkers.

Islands on the west of Seoul

Friends and relatives have sent me messages. They are obviously worried about us here. After work, I dropped by Myeongdong to shop for orders. Life goes on in Myeongdong. The Lotte Department Store is so bright with its Christmas decoration. I didn’t bother to take a picture though since it was really late. I was hungry and eager to watch the news. Too bad my HTC Desire doesn’t have a DMB! My sister told me to fly to the US or the Philippines tomorrow. She was panicking.
KBS has announced a round-the-clock broadcast. They usually sign off at 1AM. I guess this is serious. Is it time to panic? South Korea’s “WATCH CONDITION” is currently at level 3 (important conditions of security threat). If it’s raised to 1, which means wartime condition then it’s probably time to pack all our important documents, jewelry and of course my two portable hard drives. In the meantime, I need to get some sleep since I have to go to work tomorrow.


    1. That’s right. Life goes on. I told my husband that we should end this war once and for all; while he was like “let’s wait two years until I’m past the reservist age”. I don’t usually get angry but I am with how the North Korea is acting like a bully. I’m supporting the South Korean government; my husband doesn’t like 2MB at all. Oh well, if this escalates (hopefully not) the only thing that I want is to be with my family and if means staying in Korea, I’ll stay in Korea.

  1. ms. betchay,
    kamusta k n? naku panu yung orders ko? na shipped n po b? i was trying to email you but i didnt get any response yet. i’ll be calling you later at lunch time (philippines time) to check whether you have shipped all my orders. uuwi k po b? naku nakakatakot nmn dyan. take care po. txt me po kung di nyo po ma sagot yung cp nyo.

    1. hi alex! i have a meeting at 1:30 KST so i might not be able to answer your call… i’ve sent the box except for the brtc… i’m still waiting for it… yun isa palang lip gloss din naiwan so sabay ko na lang sila padala as registered small packet

  2. I hope you’re doing fine, Ate Betchay. I also try to get info from my friends who are currently in Korea. They’re kinda worried but life goes on, as you say. My dad’s probably sailing in the seas there. Haven’t heard from him but we do hope their vessel’s fine.

  3. this kim jong il is ksp(kulang sa pansin), he wants to create noise and panic because the world seems to have moved on without north korea. he wants the world and the south to be aware that they(north korea ) is still around. i was watching the news broadcasts from pyongyang on cnn, ytn and arirang and they looked comical when they make their broadcasts. i think all these brouhaha will die down , takot lang ng north na totohanin sila ng sk and usa.

    1. tama~
      problema lang naman yata ang pamilya Kim.
      mga North Koreans cguro ayaw din naman ng gulo,
      wla lang silang magagawa.
      sana mag people power mga North Koreans sa leader nla.

  4. stay safe Ms Betchay!
    ps.: it is a pity i cant read all comments – why some of your readers dont write in english? though blog is in english

  5. Hi there,
    There is no reason to panic.There isn’t any safe place in the world now..only in God’s kingdom.If you are a Christian, the more you’ll clearly understand why these scary things MUST happen.When I was in Philippines 2 years ago..I already heard about North Korea’s plan regarding the war.At that moment,I was hesitating to come here.,I was thinking that is it always safe to stay in Philippines (cause there is only war in Mindanao )…but then when this ONDOY happened (Typhoon Ketsana)…This really proves that we can’t escape from DEATH…so wherever we are…whatever we do…all we need is to PRAY.Now, I’m living in Daejeon with my Korean husband…though I got really nervous upon hearing this news…We got no choice ,the future is not ours to see..

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