Subway scandal: In the last Sindorim-bound train

Here’s another subway scandal caught on video and has hit the news in Korea. It happened on November 30th on the last trip of a train on line number 2 bound for Sindorim. The video taker was seated across a man who was groping a woman who appeared to be drunk. The ajosshi was clearly seen on the video for a second or two. Shame on him taking advantage of a woman who clearly couldn’t manage alcohol well. He probably didn’t think that his actions would cause him trouble.
The video is about a minute long but it’s not as action-packed as the previous subway scandal where an old lady pulled the hair of a screaming teenager.


  1. kaloka naman to!sana pati mukha nakunan ng vid. btw, ate betchay may roaming ba ang globe or smart jan?

  2. Bakit naman kasi sobrang drunk itong batang ito??? But when I was living in Korea, I had a similar experience in a bus and I wasn’t even drunk! I was travelling alone early in the morning on one of those buses that travels nonstop from Daegu to Kyongju. I was sitting by the window and I fell asleep. I woke up with a start when I felt something brush up on the top of my left thigh (from my knee towards my hip). I glared at the ajosshi (well he wasn’t that old, but he’s not a haksaeng anymore) sitting next to me. I knew he touched me! I was new to Korea at that time and spoke very little Korean. I wanted to yell at home and cuss him out but I couldn’t. And we still have a way to go to get to the destination. So I just glared at him the rest of the way. I was very mad and I wanted to deck him and I think he knew how pissed I was because he looked very tense. Maybe he was worried about what I would do. So when we got to the destination, he got off the bus in a hurry. Yup, parang sa LRT, may mga manyakis din sa Korea.

      1. had a similar experience on one of my first subway trips to uijeongbu (moved to uijeongbu from seoul) a drunk ajossi stood in front of me and was opening the zipper of his pants in front of me…i was so angry and just like you i didn’t speak korean well at that time….all i did was close my eyes and pretend that i was sleeping…he got frustrated and got off on the next subway stop…he was expecting me to get hysterical gosh!
        one time i was on date with my hubby and was transferring to subway line 7… hubby was in front of me while we rode the escalator….i actually felt someone touching my butt but when i turned around too look i couldn’t pinpoint who it was because even the escalator was way too crowded for busy busy koreans….argh!!!!
        i havent experienced any of this back in manila so it’s really made me angry

        1. Cher, I used to ride the LRT everyday to school (high school and college) and there are a lot of perverts doing stuff life this on the LRT and sometimes on jeepneys too. In college (hindi pa co-ed yung school namin noon), during school hours, if you look out of the windows of our classrooms, we would often find a parked car outside our school with some guy masturbating in the car. I had a high school friend who told off a man who was trying to grope her leg by yelling at the top of her voice, ‘Mama ano ba?!! Ang libog-libog niyo!”. The man was so embarassed and he got off the jeepney. Dapat talaga sa mga perverts pinapahiya, shock tactics. Betchay, okay lang ba yung ibang terms na ginamit ko? Hindi ba censored?

          1. @annp: i also commute going to miriam and u.p. but i never experienced that thing…lucky me…so i was really upset when i experienced it in korea…hay nku kpg ako ang nkkta ulit ng gnitong mga pervert dto kukuhana ko tlga ng video yung face nila pra mphiya sila…kaasar!

          2. Okay lang naman. I grew up in Angeles City and I remember sometime in feb/mar 1986 while we were taking a break from our graduation rehearsals, my grade school classmates saw a man outside our library and he was masturbating. I didn’t actually see him since there was no more space to look but my classmates were all giggling… LOL!
            There are scumbags and maniacs everywhere!

  3. nahuli or parang kusa po yta sumuko ung ajossi d2 s vid…nsa news last time ndi ko nmn po binasa kkk, pero un ung title nung article…

  4. seems that it’s normal, no wonder kapag nakakaranas ang multi cultural ng the same situation at di na lang magrereact dahil ikakatwiran ng ibang korean,, kahit saang bansa may ganyan, papasok na ang comparison ng bansa mo sa bansa nila,, bla bla bla..

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