Love the BRTC Blemish Recover Balm freebies!

I ordered another set of the BRTC Blemish Recover Balm this week. It isn’t for me though, but it’s an order from the Philippines. It just arrived today so I can’t mail it till Monday.
I got a lot of freebies (not really mine since I’ll send everything to my customer) including sachet samples of gold caviar and jasmine water bb cream, a sachet of Vitalizer-C-10 ampoule, Vitalizer mask sheet, a 50ml tube of Vitalizer white soap, a 10ml tube of Vitalizer white gel, a sachet each of Medi Stem collagen cream and eye cream and eight sample sachets of Vitalizer cream. Whew!

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

BRTC produces some of the top-selling and highly-rated BB creams (blemish balm creams) in Korea. Their product line includes:
* Jasmine Water BB Cream – a triple function BB cream with whitening, wrinkle repair and water replenishment functions. It has an SPF30 sun protection.
* Gold Caviar BB Cream – which helps in providing rich nutrients with SPF50.
* Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB cream
* Blemish Recover Balm (for troubled skin)
I have only tried Gold Caviar BB cream once. That was ages ago and it was because they were giving away samples at the pharmacy in E-mart, a supermarket chain in Korea. Love it since it didn’t make my face dry like other BB creams. It also blends well and appears natural on the skin. I’ll probably get myself one the moment I finish my tube of Nature Republic’s Eau de Shine BB cream, which I’ve been using for almost six months now!
BTW, BRTC products are quite pricey so be careful and don’t be too excited if you see some BRTC products being sold so cheaply ;p


  1. I want to try their bb creams too.. I’ve seen samples being sold online but didn’t notice if there are samples for BRTC.. also, i’ve been meaning to ask you too if are the samples being sold online worth buying or not..kkk
    Ate Betchay, thank you po ulit sa gift ni Soo Ae ah..
    God bless and more power to your online business..

    1. dont buy samples online i saw a documentary in korea about fake samples being sold online and when you use it you get really bad effects

      1. i’ve also seen some brtc products that are 50% cheaper compared to the SRP… we should always wonder why

  2. Hey Betchay! πŸ˜€
    Wow. Yes I’ve heard about them! πŸ˜€
    Is The Saem good??
    Await getting more stuff from you this Month! πŸ˜›

  3. Hello. Ms.B, have you tried beauty products of Japan? for me they are really great! I haven’t tried one from Korea,, but it seems that those BRTC products are great too! just wanna try those for a change..

  4. Hi Miss Betchay,
    I’m a constant visitor here… Can you tell me, how much will it cost to send a package from Korea to the Philippines… My boyfriend is planning to send a package so he was asking me how much will it cost, since this will be his first time sending me gifts…
    Thanks Miss Betchay… I really love your entries…
    Ice =)

  5. May nakita ako online na BRTC Blemish recover balm, worth Php 800+ lang kaya nag hesitate ako kasi masyadong mura compared sa original price. I tried looking at BRTC’s official website to order there para siguradong totoo yung product. the prob is, mahal na nga yung product, mahal pa yung shipping fee. Do you sell po this product? Thanks

  6. hello ms. jehan…
    I have been trying to look for the thread where I asked for an advise on effective body lotion pero di ko mahanap. I found it once pero nag close bigla net ko. So, dito na lang ako magpapasalamat sa’yo for your reply. Antagal na nun noh? hehehe.. pero thank you… πŸ˜‰

  7. hello po. ask ko po sana kung sa brtc korea thru online kau bumili. magpapatulong po sana ako. di ko kc maintindihan ung site, hehe πŸ™‚

    1. Hi brtclover! Okay I’ll check my email more thoroughly. I’m almost a week behind with emails.

  8. hi betchay! patulong naman po. may idea ka san sa korea pwedeng makabili ng brtc products? meron ba around myeongdong? pupunta kami kasi diyan and i’m planning to buy their products pagdating namin. bumibili lang kse ako online dito sa pinas eh. maraming salamat!

  9. hi ms b. san ba puedeng bumili product ng brtc sa myeondong thanks po or kahit san lugar sa seoul

  10. hello miss betchay…. can i order brtc creams from you?? im really hoping to hear from you… i’ve looking for brtc sellers and i can’t seem to find one that i can fully trust… hope to hear from you soon…=)

  11. good day…im from bermuda. but im a filipino, im interested to buy a brtc blemish product bb cream or if ther is a blemish bundle set. i was trying to order online but it couldnt make thru.. hope u could help me. thanks

  12. Hello;)i was really curious.what is the price of a real brtc blemish recover bb cream.coz i heard it’s pricey.but i saw an onlineshop in facebook selling it for 15oophp.i’m a newbie with this brand so i’m confused.thank you;)

  13. also the price please. hopefully may smaller size siya like travel size? i really wanna try brtc coz i love the skin 79.

  14. hi!
    is jasmine water from brtc available in korea? how much does it cost (in php) plus the shipping fee? thanks!

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