Fly to Seoul for free!

Here’s another chance for you guys to come to Seoul for free. The Seoul City government is giving away two round trip flight tickets to Seoul to one lucky winner of their “Four Charms Quiz Event”. This contest opened on November 22nd and will run until December 22nd. Only those who are not in South Korea are eligible to join.

Four Charms Quiz Event

Aside from the round trip flight ticket, the city government is also giving away digital cameras to ten lucky winners and iTunes gift cards to 100 participants. It’s so easy to join and you can apply as many times as you want for more chances of winning.
Oh, don’t forget to check life insurance quotes. When I travel, I always make it a point to get a travel insurance. I never used them but it gives me some peace of mind ;p


  1. thank you for the info! i have already registered and submitted my answers. it is indeed very easy. though i did not get the way of appling more than once =( i tried once but was rejected as my answers were already submitted.

  2. nakapag register ako pero once lang ako nakapag-submit ng answers. the second time that i tried doing it, ni-reject na nya. sana manalo ko. hehe!

  3. hi, i’m one of the winners but i accidentally deleted the emails because i think they were on my Spam folder. can anyone help me? do you know the email address of the organizer of this event so i can inform them? 🙁

  4. OMG Im one of the winners of digicam pero i am not receiving their notifying email omggggg pano po yun? T_T sayang naman kung di ko makuha 🙁

  5. Hi there! I’m also one of the 2nd prize winnier for the digital camera yet I didn’t get any email notification from them too? Wonder the emails were in Junk/Spam folder and I deleted them or so? Please help! I want my new digital camera!!! Anyone have their email address which I can contact them?

  6. ate betchay, thanks or this..nanalo ako itunes giftcard 🙂
    ghee and queenie, nasa spam mail yung e-mail nila sa akin and they said na this friday they will again for the details of claiming the prize

  7. i really want to korea since i was young. i am really obsessed with their culture and language and it will be an honor for me if i get the chance to go korea and see it for myself.

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