Seven hours at Toys R Us

I was supposed to attend a birthday party on the afternoon of December 18th, but my son was not feeling well (or so I thought). After lunch, I brought him to the doctor’s and boy was the place packed with kids (and their parents). We had to wait for almost an hour before we saw the doctor. I paid 1,800 won for the consultation and for the two-minute use of their nebulizer. We then proceeded to the pharmacy where I got his medicines for four days and paid 1,200 won.
We went to Lotte Department Store in Cheongnyangni afterwards so I could get some presents for my son’s teachers at the day care center. My son remembered that there is a Toys R ‘Us on the 6th floor. (He’s got a pretty sharp memory so we are always carefully what we tell him.) Since he was “sick” I couldn’t say no but I didn’t expect that we would stay for seven hours!

The newly-opened Lotte Department Store at Cheongyangni Station.

The new Cheongnyangni Station opened in August this year. It now houses the Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Toys R’ Us and numerous restaurants including California Pizza Kitchen, two branches of Lotteria, KFC and many more.
It was my first time to go there on December 18th, but my son has been there many times since it opened every time he and my husband pick up my parents-in-law whenever they visit us in Seoul.
The Toys R Us here is obviously isn’t as big as the stores in the United States. When it comes to variety of toys, I’d say it’s next to Dongdaemun Stationery and Toy Street. There are toys for every age in the store including items from world famous brands like Lego, Mattel, Tomy and more. There is also a section for Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox games. If you’re looking for baby items, you can also get them from the store. I didn’t get my son a toy that day, since I’ve been buying him almost every week! Also, most of the items at online stores are much cheaper.
How could we have stayed for seven hours at the store? My son played with the toys on demo. I let him play with the fast cars, riding toys and even dolls! Yup, I didn’t stop him when he played with the pink washing machine and kitchen set. ;p
Here are some pictures from that seven-hour visit:

The TOYS R US at Cheongynyangni Station is located on the 6th floor. They are open from 10 AM to 12 MN.


  1. same thing happened when i brought little zach there…..he couldn’t stop playing with the toys and he really liked the rabbit doll house with mini things inside….kkkk

    1. The Sylvanian Family… yup, when we were there two boys were playing with the doll house and then my son joined them! We were there again on Christmas day and last night too, Monday after our trip to the English Village and the dentist. Hindi na nagsawa!

  2. Betchay, your article reminds me on my own childhood, when Toy R Us was my favourite toy store as well… 😉 It looks like your son had a great time, even though he was a bit sick… kkkk

  3. Wow, your little boy is truly enjoying his childhood to the fullest!! 7 hours at Toy’s R Us without getting tired of playing with those toys? That’s a big big treat for a kid! You must be a really patient mom to stay with him for that long!! ^__^

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