Korea Grand Sale 2011

When I visited Myeongdong last week, I noticed that the banners of “Korea Grand Sale” are everywhere. It’s not just “Seoul Grand Sale” anymore but other big cities in the country are also included in this event. Prepare not only your camcorders, but your credit cards as well on your trip to Korea.

Korea Grand Sale 2011

Korea Grand Sale started on January 10th and will end on February 28th. You can get more information on their English website. Don’t forget to get the membership card at the airport or pick up a coupon book at any Tourism Info Center.
By the way, tourists are entitled to get a tax refund when they shop in Korea. Most shops in Myeongdong, for example, has the TAX FREE SHOPPING stickers outside the shops. Just ask for the payment slip and present them at the airport (Customs Declaration counter/Oversize Baggage Input). You can get your refund at the Cash Refund Office near gate 28 at Incheon Airport. The tax refund correspond to the VAT (Value Added Tax) which is refundable for goods sold overseas. It’s 10% of the item purchased.


  1. Ms. Betchay.
    Did u received my email last night? 1 skin79 purchase from the store and 2 peach sake toner and then additional 1 peach sake bb cream#1. bale 2 n po yung bb cream ko #1 and #2. ty.

  2. Good day Maam!
    Could you kindly give us any tips on when are the best months to go shopping in Korea?
    Is traveling after the Chuseok a good time for bargain shopping?
    Thank you very much and more power!

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