Hoedeopbap (raw fish on rice and veggies)

This is definitely one of my favorite Korean dishes. It’s called “hoedeopbap” or raw fish mixed with veggies and rice. It’s probably a good dish to have while you’re still looking for the best weight loss supplements.
We usually go to E-mart (a supermarket chain in Korea) on Saturday nights but we went there a little late since we had to drop by my brother-in-law’s house. At eleven o’clock in the evening, there were only a few selection at the raw fish section. Raw fish is something that my husband and I share with a passion. Between an expensive steak and an equally expensive raw tuna, I’d have the latter ;p

Raw fish and raw veggies - 4,080 won

Since we didn’t have cooked rice at home, we just bought the packed cooked rice…
5 bowls for 3,050 won

We had to microwave two bowls for just three minutes…
Cooked rice in three minutes!

We put the raw fish and veggies on a large bowl, then the rice and finally, “cho gochujang” or vinegared red pepper paste…
Ready to mix

It doesn’t really look appealing after all the mixing, but it’s really yummy…

This is a lot better than the one I posted before when we visited Boseong green tea plantation.


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