In the news: More Migrant women engage in selling sex

According to a Korea Times report, there are more women married to Korean men who engage in prostitution due to financial difficulties.

An increasing number of foreign women who come here to marry Korean men are running away from home and engaging in prostitution to earn “easy money,” creating a daunting task for the immigration authorities.
Substantial numbers of migrant wives decide not to live with their Korean husbands and their families, due to financial hardship among other reasons. They then try to stand on their own feet by normally working as helpers at restaurants or other low-paying places.
But some of them choose to sell sex in karaoke bars, massage parlors and other late-night entertainment establishments, lured by larger sums of money.
Several groups of migrant women over the past few weeks have been caught engaging in the sex trade, not only in Seoul and its adjacent cities but also in rural areas.
They are normally deported back to their home countries.
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Two weeks ago, a Filipina was found dead and said to have committed suicide. She was married to a Korean who physically abused her and even tried to sell her to other men for sex!
It is generally known that a lot of female immigrants from poor nations marry Korean men for financial reasons. It is quite risky since they usually don’t know the person they are marrying. Just because they live in a “richer” country doesn’t mean that these men are financially stable. There must be a reason why they look for and pay to marry a foreign woman. Lucky are those who could marry a husband who would treat them as a partner, a real wife. It is sad though that the statistics show otherwise with increasing divorce rates among multi-cultural marriages.
It is because of the death of Cathy Deocades, that the Philippine government is asking tighter screening on Korean grooms. Last year, the Korean government has introduced an International Marriage Guidance Program for Korean men who are planning to marry foreign women. It requires them to attend a four-hour mandatory lecture on international marriage.
While mail-order brides or match-making is illegal in the Philippines, it is no secret that it still goes on. The two-day CFO seminar and guidance counseling is quite useless in being a deterrent to the supposed illegal activity.

While marriage brokers and mail order bride agencies are allowed in Korea, the Philippines has a law prohibiting organizing or facilitating marriages between Filipino women and foreign men.
However, this has not stopped illegal marriage brokers from arranging marriages between Korean men and much younger Filipino women.
“Another way to address this is to require Korean men to undergo cultural orientation in the Philippines, so they can also learn about the culture,” Cruz said, adding this may lessen misunderstandings.
Fr. Alvin Parantar, head chaplain of the Hyehwa-dong Filipino Catholic community in Seoul, suggested temporarily suspending marriages between Korean men and Filipino women until stricter regulations are imposed. He also pushed the Philippine government to crack down on illegal marriage brokers.
From: Manila asks for tighter screening on Korean grooms

Temporarily suspending marriages between Korean men and Filipino women would be unfair to those who are in a real relationship, even if it’s only a temporary ban. The government should ask the Korean Embassy to make the CFO certificate a mandatory requirement for F-2 visa applications. Likewise, the Philippine Embassy in Korea should also make that a requirement for marriage licenses applications in Korea. The Korean Embassy in the Philippines should not only require an interview of the Korean-Filipino couple but they should be asked to talk to each other in front of the consul. For how could they be in a real relationship if they couldn’t even communicate with each other?


  1. CFO is supposed to be screening these immigrants to check if the marriage between a Filipino and a Korean is through a match-making agency, marriage broker or a mail-order bride thing of some sort. But you’re right, it seems that CFO has failed miserably in preventing such arrangements. The Korean government has to intervene and enforce stricter regulations before issuing visas to the new brides. I agree that the Korean grooms should undergo some type of psychological assessment and criminal background check. In the US, before a spouse of a US citizen is given a green card or permanent resident status, husband and wife are interviewed separately by the consul to check if they are truly married and it’s not just a marriage of convenience. I hope there won’t be another Cathy Deocades or that young, Vietnamese bride. 🙁

  2. It is strange how the newspapers pick up on a few foreign prostitutes and make it sound like a major problem. What about the 1000’s of Korean women engaged in a similar activity, yet this is conveniently ignored by the Press. You just need to go to Itaewon and it won’t be more than a few minutes and you will be offered the services of a young Korean woman. Why pick on foreign women only??

  3. For further observations, i strongly drawn now my point of views. The reason why there was lots korean and filipina unsuccessful married life. For the following reasons;
    1.Korean men are fun of visiting night clubs in the Philippines. even they don’t know the really girl whom they meet inside the club. They listen to a very sweet of words from a certain girl whom they believed an ordinary customer. But, the truth for it was just a hooker, having angelic face but have a devil soul. Which to be called prostitute.
    2. Koreans fun of going to “casino” which they don’t know lots of business girl. This kind of place never the Korean mans can easily detect who was the real business girl. A business girl assuming like a normal customer. But, they just always watch first who was really the big fish whom they can caught during that night. Business girl start their rockets by sitting beside the big fish customer and play such like a normal customer. When they got lost of the game they are assuming to talk to the big fish that they are not lucky enough, to convince by the power of attraction that they always do for all big fish.
    3. From the massage place, whom they would be a regular customer of such massage lady. Start from knowing each other then FEELING BE DEVELOP.
    4. From the disco pub, rampant of beautiful ladies having a act of a satan works.
    For this studies i have drawn, not the reason the filipina cannot spoken out a certain dialect that can cause miserable life to leave with korean men. To love a certain person we are willing to devote time to teach. The very strong evidence that come out into reason, why some Filipina suffering in the hands of the korean men because of there sweet words now became sour and bitter upon the eyes of the korean. From the start they betray the korean men in words, and in deeds.
    All people wants to live happily in the name of love with the presence of chemical elements having more than 100% which is very hard to find now a days to be called “honesty”.
    So, therefore i conclude that “bad things never last.” Cause there was a KARMA which was the result of bad doings of some filipina girls towards to the KOREAN MEN.
    I, strongly recommend to a girl with a devil spirit having a feather skin of their soul even they are still be alive to;
    1. Marry a korean men not for the money but for love.
    2. Don’t after a certain korean men of what treasure he have.
    3. Married a korean men for better and worst and in sickness and in health till death never make your part, it goes until heaven scent.
    4. Think always money is the root of evil.

    1. Based on the “research” you’ve conducted, I have noticed that most of your “respondents” are those who are connected with “night clubs”, “casinos”, and “massage parlors”. What was your sample size then and what method did you use in collecting your data? Moreover, what statistical tool did you utilized in order to draw such “strong point view” of yours?
      When you were interpreting the results, have you considered the following:
      1. Why is it that your “research respondents” find TRUE LOVE in such places?
      2. “This kind of place never the Korean mans can easily detect who was the real business girl.” Does this statement of yours suggest that catching the “REAL BUSINESS GIRL” means finding the real “TRUE LOVE”? Why does it have to be a “REAL BUSINESS GIRL”, by the way?
      3. “The sweet words now became sour and bitter upon the eyes of the Korean.” Why is that so? Was it because the woman is not a “REAL BUSINESS GIRL” or is it because the man is also not the type that the woman BELIEVED so? Betrayal on both sides, perhaps?
      4. Have you tried profiling your respondents’ wives? You could’ve understand your info better if you did so. Oh by the way, where did you conduct your research, in the Philippines or in Korea?
      5. How did these Korean men persuade their wives to marry them? Have you really interviewed each of your respondents?
      Uh oh… It seems you need to do more research dahlin’. Try finding related literature in Google. There are lots of articles and reading materials about it. Please do remember that in research, you need to take into considerations all angles. The outcome of your research might be more fair, clearer, and reliable by then.

  4. =(
    This news saddens me.
    Korean men who plan to marry Filipinas must ALSO undergo
    a marriage seminar that teaches them about Philippine culture and
    how to take care of their wives with respect and dignity.
    Marriage is supposed to be God’s precious gift to couple who love each other, not just a means to escape from financial problems.
    If love is not present, then there’s no way a marriage can receive the blessings and joy designed by God to married couples.

  5. A CFO batchmate of mine claimed that her Korean husband has not been giving her enough financials for processing her paper. She came from a far province and was just staying with her relatives in Manila for the processing. According to her, she has no more money left and that she was lending money from her relatives just to survive. And then later I learned that the embassy asked her for more requirements as they (the embassy) found out some inconsistencies with her papers. The last thing I heard about her was that she finally got her visa but she went back to her province instead.
    Just recently, I have learned that she (CFO batchmate) had been lying all along. Her husband was very worried of her and had been constantly sending her financials twice a week for paper processing. Tsk tsk tsk… She (CFO batchmate) chatted to me that she was worried that her husband is just poor in Korea and so she decided to just go back home. Yeah…. poor husband…
    Now, I don’t know what to say.
    I apologize to virginia for my sarcastic comment above. It seemed to me at first that you are a foreigner who is so biased against Filipinas.
    People react differently to the same situation and they got different point of view on the same issue.

  6. It’s despicable but there are “gold-diggers” everywhere. I’m reminded of a friend of a friend who was married for decades to this man and they have a college-age daughter here in the US. The husband, according to my friend, was a very religious guy (was even a member of Opus Dei) and a responsible husband and father. He went on vacation to the Philippines for a month to take care of some legal matters. Comes back to the US, and since then has been going back and forth to the Philippines. The guy has his own business so he can afford to do this. The wife discovered that husband has been sending large sums of money to the Philippines periodically. She hires a private detective to track her husband’s activities in the Philippines and she found out that he’s been having relations with a young woman with a shady background (she was a “GRO”). Now, the couple’s marriage is in shambles. The husband claims he’s “in love” with this young woman. Wife has frozen their bank accounts. I don’t know what is the current status between this married man and the young woman. I wonder if the 20-something woman will still say she’s in love with the 50-something man now that he’s penniless.

  7. so what about the korean men intended to black male such honest filipina women for them to marry. you said that korean men go to discos, casinos, massage parlors and seek filipino women for them to marry….what about a korean men turn out to be suicidal if the filipina women dont wanna marry him…no love, no money involve, just turn out to be a pure black male…korean guy ask her to marry him, if not, he will commit suicide what kind is shit is that…im a guy, but black mailing is not good for basing a marriage. and even the korean’s mother is involve in this bullshit…now the filipino women marry’s the korean guy for the sake of self burden in order for him not to commit suicide….because all i know, marriage without love is just like putting a lion and hyena in a cage full of cobra’s…i wont work at all…(unless there is money involve to it) but theres no money involve and the filipino women turn out to be mislead to different world, before she is free, now shes been tied up to this kind of craziness….at the end it didn’t work well…so the korean guy went back to korea leaving his so called wife in the philippines and they never see each other again…what the fuck is that…if the filipino women found her true love to other person, what she gonna say…oh im married to this stupid korean guy…but we are not together now? how can they proceed to their own marriage if this korean guy doesn’t want to divorce her….coz according to one article that i read not few days ago, korean men wants only to have babies and they cant do to their korean womens. korean women are less fertile, according to the article that ive read, korean women, after marriage, they tend to work there ass out and they have getting lesser spending time to their husbands…and quote ” they stinks”, they barely take care of themselves…so they seek their fucking bullshitness strategy to some poor nationalities such filipino women…

    1. Really? Such a case exists? For me, there’s really no reason for that particular Filipina to feel blackmailed at all. Maybe there is something deeper than the “suicide” thing that forced the Filipina to marry the particular Korean guy. Meaning, if there is no other deeper strings attached to each of them, then why be bothered on the Korean guy’s suicide threat? For me, it’s just completely nonsense.

  8. These women are tired of the family of their husbands. They lack of money and love. They are used like robots to make works around the house and give birth to children. Meanwhile their korean husbands go to the korean prostitutes in karaoke bars, massage parlors, night clubs and so on. That’s real reason why they leave the family and begin to earn money.Even if they stay with husbands they cheat on them too

  9. These women just got what they deserved. They are: gold diggers and they can’t distinguish fiction from reality.
    IMO, the CFO should be an avenue to check the relationship between the couples: if the couples has not met in person or only met once or contacted each other once, that should be a red big flag then!
    Worse of all, some Korean men pay women so the men could get visas in the Philippines(via marriage) and the girls are trafficked to Korea!
    It is appalling that the Korean embassy seems to just dole out visas. Are they doing their jobs? Or are they waiting that a bigger scandal will arise and the Philippines will adopt a Cambodia-esque or Vietnam esque marriage policy regarding marriage to Koreans?

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