Last cold spell

“Ipchun” is the Korean term for the entrance of spring, based on the lunar calendar. This year, that was on the 4th of February – two days after seollal. A few days before the lunar new year, we’ve had warmer weather with the past few days’ temperature reaching double digits in the afternoon. I was so confident that the lovely spring weather would continue. I’ve washed and put away our winter jackets.
I’ve almost forgotten about the last cold spell of winter – called “kkot saem chui”. It is said that winter is envious of the spring flowers. So this week, we’ll be experiencing colder weather again. Don’t forget to take your multivitamin so you’ll stay healthy with the changing weather ;p


  1. Hi Ms. Betchay.
    I love your site. It’s very helpful and informative. I went to Seoul last May. I stayed there for a week. Pasyal na may halong trabaho 😀
    We will visit Seoul again on February 2012. I would like to know what is the weather there on this month? And what clothes are best to bring?
    Thanks 🙂

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