Giving back to their Japanese fans

The earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan last Friday has been the main topic of Korean news TV. We get extensive news coverage both on free TV and the cable news channels. I have also been watching these broadcasts. The footages we’ve been seeing on TV is so heartbreaking. I would also watch interviews of geologists on the possibility of such a huge earthquake happening in Korea.
This page from the KMA or Korea Meteorological Administration lists the earthquakes that has happened in Korea from 1978. While we don’t get more than a hundred tremors a year, there was an Intensity 2.3 earthquake that happened near Incheon last Sunday.

BYJ and KHJ gives back to their fans in Japan
Japan and Korea aren’t the best of friends. In fact, there has been issues in recent years about the Dokdo islets both claimed by the two countries. No one here cheered for the disaster. Koreans have been tweeting and blogging “힘내세요 일본” and have been donating for disaster relief. Hallyu stars lead by Bae Yong Joon also have sent their messages as well as monetary donations. BYJ alone is giving 1 billion won or 886,000+ USD. Other stars like Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Seuk are donating more than 100 million won.
The Korean Red Cross is also accepting donations. On Tuesday, KBS will open its ARS service for those who’d like to give to the earthquake relief. Daum’s Agora has also opened its donation service and it will run until April 8. Pledges have reached more than 550 million won so far. Good Neighbors also accepts donation online. The websites mentioned are all in Korean. If you want to give but can’t do it online, then just give to the Salvation Army. Skipping a cup of overpriced coffee won’t hurt ;p
KBS's ARS numbers for donations to Japan earthquake relief

Japan is one of the top donors of economic aid to developing countries like the Philippines. They have also been one of the firsts to respond to disasters all over the world. Now, it’s our turn to help in whatever way we can.
Be careful when sending your donation. Give only to reliable and trusted organizations like the Red Cross, World Vision, Good Neighbors (in Korea), and TV stations like KBS, MBC and SBS (if they have since I don’t usually watch their channel).


  1. wow! my admiration go deeper of these Korean celebrities for having a big heart.They are equally beautiful inside out. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. jang geun suk d0nated 10million yen and 5000 blankets 🙂
    hello ate betchay! i love learning from your blogs! take care.

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