Shopping for Korean cosmetics

I’ve been busy these days fulfilling personal orders while being a homemaker, being a mom and a part-time employee, too. I also had three visitors this week – my parents-in-law plus my MIL’s sister. They attended a relative’s wedding last Sunday. Too bad we couldn’t attend, my husband’s cousin — a KBS 2010 Awards winner — was there and my students have been asking me to get them his autograph.
Last Saturday, my friends here had a fun gathering hosted by Wendy. It was a surprise baby shower for Anne – another pretty and smart Pinay who’s happily married to her Korean husband. We had so much fun that I felt guilty watching TV that night. I’ll be anticipating birth announcements from Anne and my niece this year.

Baby shower party hosted by Wendy

By the way, for those who’d like to purchase Korean cosmetics from me you can check the website that I’ve been busy with these past few days. It’s “Korean cosmetics shopper“. I haven’t fully uploaded the products but you can make your orders now. Like before, if there are some products you want to get but aren’t in the site, then just contact me. It sometimes take me days to answer emails though.
What I do is buy the Korean cosmetics – Skinfood, The Face Shop, Baviphat, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Etude House, Skin79 and even department store brands like Sulhwasoo, O Hui, History of Hu, and Hera among others – from the stores. So you’re guaranteed that the products are all original and fresh – I don’t stock them. As mentioned before, there are some fake Korean cosmetics being sold online and some of them – especially BRTC and Skin79 – are sold at a price cheaper than the manufacturer’s SRP.


  1. i forgot to take pictures of Cheryle and Gerald carrying Soo Ae… mga babysitters ko sila non kaya nakakain ako, kkk….

  2. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Available na ba ung website mo for online shopping? We went to Korea last November 2012 and we enjoyed shopping for Korean cosmetics. Kaso ubos na kaya gusto ko sana magpabili ng products from Missha & Nature Republic…

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