UCLA Girl Parody

Have you heard of Alexandra Wallace? She’s the girl from UCLA who ranted about “Asians in the library” in a Youtube video. She received a lot of flak for her “racist” comments and is now known as the “UCLA girl”. I was not really offended by her video since I don’t go to UCLA and I too would hate it when people talk on their phones in the library (or at the movies!). And I really don’t get offended easily.
A lot of videos have surfaced after her video became viral. Most of them are full of hate. They just fought fire with fire. There is one video that I really enjoyed – the UCLA girl parody. I thought she was funny and I love it when she said “Updating my Facebook status about the fact that I’m breathing…” – LOLz.
Her page is named TheAngelieVaudeville and on her Youtube profile, she wrote that she’s Filipina-American, born and raised in the US.
Watch her “parody of the UCLA girl” – she’s so funny!


  1. LOL! shes so funny….the way she ranted I mean but thinks shes right about these students making noise inside the library.

  2. I agree with A.W. over her disgust to the rudeness of some people, re: using phones in a supposedly phone free areas. I disagree in the manner she channeled her inconvenience, even going overboard as vehemently criticizing a cultural practice of a particular race. Her negative experience seems valid, but one must be careful in making generalizations as IMO only, core values is not inherent to race.

  3. cheers to being politically incorrect 🙂
    i envy her, i’m so tired of having to be politically correct at all times
    foreigners in a another country should learn one important thing, in fact, they should make it their mantra: “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”

  4. I think the reason why she received a lot of negative comments (and even death threats they said) was because she included the tsunami incident which is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. Her opinion was divergent from what the others are thinking right now.

  5. I had a good laugh with the parody video.She can be a stand up comedian.(I mean it in a good way)

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