Earth Hour 2011 in Seoul at N Tower

We celebrate Earth Hour by turning off the lights at the same time for one hour. This year, it was held on March 26th from 2030 to 2130 KST. My husband and I planned to go to Namsan before we even remembered that it was Earth Hour. We were just reminded by the apartment announcement at around 6 o’clock that we should all turn off the lights.
We got to Namsan a few minutes before 2030. It was chilly but the place was packed with tourists. The tourist buses were aplenty and I noticed that a lot of them are Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. At the base of the tower, a group of people wearing “Earth Hour” t-shirts were holding candles. On the ground are candles that formed the word “ë°¤” or “bam” meaning “night”. At exactly 2030, the lights on the tower were off. However, business at the base and the observatory must go on ;p

Earth Hour 2011 at N Tower

A crew from MBC, a Korean broadcasting company, was there to cover the event. The participants were also interviewed while some tourists asked the MBC announcer who was there to have their pictures taken with her.
A participant being interviewed by the MBC crew

We had some Coldstone Creamery even if our hands were clammy. It’s one of my favorite ice cream brand, second only to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. We went to the basement floor of the N Tower to eat the ice cream. Inside, a crowd gathered around the “clown” who was making balloons and giving them away to the kids. My son shamelessly asked for one.
Business as usual... while a clown gives away balloons to kids.

I took some pictures of Seoul from the viewing deck of the N Tower. The city sparkles like an everlon jewel. Not a lot participated in the Earth Hour. Seoulites weren’t paying a lot of attention… but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t concerned about the earth. After all, recycling is something we do for the planet on a regular basis.
Earth Hour 2011 in Seoul

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