Incheon's Filipino Day

The Incheon City Government is hosting the “Filipinos’ Day” (or Pista sa Nayon) on May 8th – the day (in Asia) that Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquaio fights Shane Mosley. According to the news reports I’ve read, the event is divided into three: first part will feature performances of multicultural families (mostly Filipino-Korean families) featuring a Santacruzan or “Flores de Mayo”; second part is all about Manny Pacquaio’s game, Filipino food and culture, community performances and raffle contest; while the third part is the singing contest.
The festivities will be preceded by a Catholic Mass celebrated by Fr. Osvaldo Padilla. It will start at 11 o’clock in the morning.
To get there, take line number 1 to Bupyeong station. Transfer to Incheon 1 and get off at Incheon University station. It’s about 35 minutes from Bupyeong to Incheon University. Take exit 1 and proceed to PopConCity – the venue for the Filipinos Day festivities. PopConCity is located in Songdo International City, a special economic zone of Incheon. I’ve been there almost two years ago and I was impressed by the structures in the area, although a lot of them were still under construction that time. It’s an international hub and it’s expected to host multinational firms — from retail companies to those specializing in IT like bi software and the likes. Anyway, here’s a map from Congnamul:

From Incheon University station to PopConCity - the venue of Filipinos Day on May 8th!
From Incheon University station to PopConCity - the venue of Filipinos Day on May 8th!

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. I hope you guys enjoy the day. Too bad I couldn’t be there because it’s just so far from where I live and I have a five-year old to take care of ;p

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