Rain give-away winners

Oops… Long time, no updates. So many things to do, so little time. And of course, May is Family Month! I was supposed to post the winners of the Rain give-away but I couldn’t. I also apologize to those who’ve been posting comments or sending me e-mails. I couldn’t reply ASAP. I’m up to my neck in work. Everyday is like holding several management jobs – managing the household, online business, classroom and family. I’ll try to reply as soon as I can though – after our weekend in Buyeo ;p
By the way, I posted that I’ll just give away the cell phone charm/cleaner and keychain, but when I purchased CDs last Wednesday the supplier also asked me to choose the freebies that I want and I chose to get the “Road for Rain” pouch. The manager gave me two!
The winners of the “Rain” give-away are… Oh, I entered your names only once even if you guys posted comments several times!

Rain contest winners
Rain contest winners

Here’s a picture of the keychain, charm/cell phone cleaner, and the pouch:
Road for Rain - key chain, cell phone cleaner and pouch
Road for Rain - key chain, cell phone cleaner and pouch

I’m planning to do the “blog give-away” regularly. Like every week! So watch out for that ;p
Thank you guys for visiting this blog even if I haven’t been diligent with the updates.


  1. Hello Ms. Bechay!
    Thank you so much! I’m so happy! :-)) and Congratulations also to Elyoka! Btw, how do I get my prize?

    i did it!!!! yahooooo!!!!!
    this is the first time i win in a lottery! THE VERY FIRST TIME i win something i WANTED sooooo much!!!! OMG!!! I am soooo HAPPY!!!!
    Thank you all: Ms. Betchay! Dear Venus! Ms. Strawberry! and.. to classtools.net for choosing me! OMG!
    Ms. Strawberry, congrats to you too! When I read your name first I felt happy for you, cause Ms. Betchay’s give-away was going to no one but a girl who is deep in love with Rain (just like me).. and then i read my name! OMG! still cant believe it!!!!
    Ms. Betchay!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!! YOU MADE MY DAY!
    Ms. Venus! Congrats to you too! i promised i am gonna send you half of whatever i receive! So you can be considered as a 3-rd winner! thanks for supporting me!!
    OMG! I am soo badly happy as if i won Olympic Gold (the least!)!!

  3. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I just received the BYJ package and I wanna say “thank you!”. It was super awesome! i love love love love it! Thanks again! c”,)

  4. mam ana;
    i’ve been sending you emails since last week pero wala po akong reply na receive. buti po nabasa ko itong blog nyo n “super busy mom” ka n nmn kaya ayon po. akala ko po kasi di na ako pweding magorder sa inyo. may mga orders po kasi ako. ask ko lang din yung balance ko.
    salamat po and sana po makapag rest din kayo.

  5. Dear Ms. Betchay!
    I am here to say you thank you! no, this way – THANK YOUUUU!!! You made my day! I received the package today! Thank you for complimentary goodies as well!
    You are the best!

  6. Rain is joining the Army TODAY! =((( feeling so sad…. hopefully 2 years will pass fast and he will be back to his fans with lots of new hits!
    Ms. Betchay, please post on JiHoon’s updates as much as it is possible…
    i miss him already………. (((

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