Essay Writing Contest for Filipinas Married to Koreans

This is posted on the website of the Philippine Embassy. This contest is open to all Filipina marriage immigrants residing in Korea. Even divorcees or those separated from their spouses are encouraged to join. This is an annual event (which began in 2008) sponsored by The Research Institute of Asian Women of Sookmyung Women’s University. Here are the details:

1. Applicants: Filipina marital immigrants residing in Korea. (Divorcees or Separated are also qualified to apply for the contest.
2. Length of Essay: less than 3 pages in A4-sizes paper.
3. Essays must have the following themes:
a. My Experiences on Korean Culture
(culture Shock, culture conflict, etc.)
b. My Economic Self-reliance (Independence) in Korea
(employment, entrepreneurial activities, etc.)
c. My Child Rearing Story in Korea
(child rearing, child education, etc.)
d. My Traveling Story in Korea
4. Language: Applicant’s native language (ex. Filipino / Tagalog)
5. Submission Period: 23 May to 8 July 2011
6. All essays must be submitted via the following email address:
Applicants must write their name, phone number and address alongside their essay.
7. Winners will be announced on 31 October 2011.
8. Prizes:
1 Grand Prize – 3,000,000 won
2 Gold Prizes – 1,000,000 won each
5 Silver Prizes- 700,000 won each
10 Bronze Prizes- 500,000 won each
15 Honorable Mentions- 300,000 won each
For further information please call (02) 710-9198 or 710-9177 or visit

A total of 33 women could win prize money ranging from 300,000 won to 3,000,000! Whoa!


  1. Betchay: I have read your blog for some time now (I like it), but I have to tell you that your Title for this blog doesn’t seem to match the Embassy information. Your title says “Married to Koreans”. The application information doesn’t specify “Married to Koreans”. My asawa is NOT married to a Korean. Does that make her unqualified to apply? I’m sure you are very happy with your Hubby, but please don’t forget about your countrymen/women who are not married to Koreans. They are no less Pinoy than yourself! I don’t expect you will post this, but please consider all of your readers!

    1. Hi Mike! It’s actually for Filipinas married to Koreans. Please check the Embassy information again. And on the site of Sookmyung University, it’s really for Filipina marriage migrants. Divorcees or those separated from their Korean husbands are also welcome to send in their essays. I didn’t make the rules for the contest.

      The Embassy of the Philippines invites Filipinas married to Koreans to participate in an Essay Writing Contest organized by the Research Institute of Asian Women of Sookmyung Women’s University and the Korea Exchange Bank. The theme of the essay writing contest is “My Life in Korea.”

      1. Betchay: If you are in fact divorced from a Korean…then you are NOT MARRIED TO A KOREAN! I can assure you that my asawa, because of her 7 years here in The Land of the Morning Calm, is well qualified as an immigrant to Korea to answer all subjects of the essay, including her experiences raising our wonderful anak. You have a great site, and I don’t want to detract from the great info you provide, especially for the Philippine community in Korea. BUT…please try to be a little more careful with the nuances of English in your title! Judging from your subject title, if I were a pinay divorced from A Korean, I would read no further. Congratulations on your site. I’ve been reading it weekly for about 4 years now, i think. don’t often write a comment, so please understand my point!

    2. I called up the numbers provided and they said that the Filipina has to be married or have been married to a Korean. My husband is German-American and he works at a hotel. We’ve been living here for five years and I know enough about life here in Korea.

      1. Hi Crystal! I didn’t bring this up before, but you make a good point! I understand the national mentality here in Korea, but, nevertheless, if you look at the “themes” of the essay contest, What do the themes have to do with being married/divorced/separated from a Korean? Answer: NOTHING! I’m not sure why the research department at Sookmyung excluded other persons of Philippine nationality living in Korea. Betchay? As an example: A more appropriate theme given the restriction would have been— “My Child Rearing Story in Korea
        with my Korean Spouse”. Or—“My Experiences on Korean Culture and my expeeriences with meeting my Korean In-laws”. Or— “My Traveling Story in Korea with my Korean spouse”. As the contest rules stand right now, THIS IS DISCRIMINATION against other Philippinos in Korea based on the themes. Not Betchay’s fault, but sometimes we need to view the world through other people’s eye glasses!

  2. Do we have to write about ALL of the mentioned themes (A to D) or can we just choose one of the theme?

  3. It says you should write in your native language. I’m a Filipina, and im more comfortable to write in English, pwede kaya English ko isul;at ang essay? kahit nagta-Tagalog ako for my first language?

  4. If you would check on the site of the Research Institute of Asian Women (, it says that, “The Research Institute of Asian Women of Sookmyung Women’s University is holding the prize contest for FEMALE MARRIAGE MIGRANTS with their essays of “My Life in Korea” written in their own languages… Applicants: female marriage migrants residing in Korea.. * Divorcees or those in separation are also qualified to apply for the contest.” This would mean that Filipinas who are married to non-Koreans can also participate in the contest. However, in the Official Site of the Philippine Embassy in South Korea (, it states that, “The Embassy of the Philippines invites FILIPINAS MARRIED TO KOREANS to participate in an Essay Writing Contest organized by the Research Institute of Asian Women of Sookmyung Women’s University… Applicants: Filipina marital immigrants residing in Korea. (Divorcees or Separated are also qualified to apply for the contest.” This would mean that the contest is just limited to those Filipinas who are married or had been married to a Korean national. Yeah, sounds vague. Our embassy seemed to forget our fellow Filipinas married to non-Koreans but are also living here in Korea. Their experiences can be valuable insights too to the said research institute.

  5. ate betchat pls call me 01033784687 i need ko kac ng tulong kinasal ako d2 then d ko alam ano yung mga susunod na gagawin ko pls hellp me thanks i wait your call or pls send your no img my email or txt your no in my phone thank

  6. hi po Ms.Betchay ^^
    ask lng po sana ako kng may alam kayong any government university here in Korea ( Seoul or Incheon) that offers free Korean language class for marriage migrants? thanks po ^^

  7. Hi! ^^ Happy New Year. Do you have any idea about the results of the contest? I’m one of those who submitted an entry, so I would like to know if they’ve already posted the list of winners. Thanks. =)

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