Alfredo's Diary

When I was three decades younger, I enjoyed looking at the “black and white” photographs of my parents and my siblings that my mother had kept inside a Japanese cookie tin. Those are probably some of our oldest possessions. My parents were both orphaned before they were teenagers and they both experienced World War II and the Japanese occupation of the Philippines without their parents. My mother would tell me stories of her growing up years and her experiences during the war before we would go to bed. That was ages ago!
I simply love looking at photographs that were produced long before digital slr cameras were introduced. Last night, while listening to Johnny Mathis I found this video on Youtube uploaded as a response to the “Filipino soldiers in the Korean War” clip that I took seven years ago.

Col. Alfredo Cayton was one of the Filipino soldiers who fought bravely in the Korean War. His grandchild made the video.


  1. this is great. i could have used this when i was writing my thesis about Filipino WW II veterans. my grandpa fought as a guerilla during the Japanese occupation.
    it’s amazing how old photographs are now treasured.

  2. this is such a nice video. it is wonderful to watch “documentaries” created by ordinary people because it is more personal. thank you for sharing this.

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  4. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Thank you for posting this on your webpage. I just saw it now. I made that video for my grandpa’s first death anniversary in 2009 and all entries were from his 60-year old journal.

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