Philippine Volcanoes in Korea

I’ve received emails about the Philippine Volcanoes match against Korea this June. I chose not to post about them earlier and opted to write this closer to their match.
I’ve never heard of the Philippine Volcanoes until a reader, Bubbles, sent me an email about this Philippine rugby team. Most of them are Fil-foreigners, just like the soccer team Philippine Azkals. According to Bubbles:

These Fil-foreign players are children of Filipinos who lived and worked abroad (like Australia, UK, US) but chose to play rugby for the Philippines. Aside from playing the sport, they also teach underprivileged kids from different orphanages and foundations on how to play rugby, whenever they’re here in Manila to train for matches.

They’ve been playing for the Philippines for years now without much recognition or subsidy from the government. Our kababayans hardly know who they are too but hopefully this is going to change soon, especially now that Filipinos are introduced to new team sports such as football and ultimate frisbee.

The Philippine Volcanoes will be arriving today. They will compete at the A5N Division 1 Championships from June 1-4. Their first match will be against Korea at the Ansan Wa Stadium. So if you guys have time, the team needs our support.


  1. Thank you soooo much for posting this!
    The team might already be there so please do watch out for them.
    Go Volcanoes!!!

  2. Go the Volcanoes! They need all our support to continue their 3-year unbeaten streak in A5N. Korea will be a tough assignment, so let’s show some Pinoy pride and get behind the team.
    Great post!

  3. Cool! It’s good that there are more Philippine team who continue to play and share and teach despite little recognition! That’s dedication. Go Volcanoes!

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