Visit Korea for free!

My dream is to one day hold a “Visit Korea for free” blog giveaway. That will happen if I won the grand prize of the lottery. In short, it may not happen in this lifetime.
Anyway, here’s one sponsored by KTO or the Korea Tourism Organization. The contest is only for residents of KTO’s Asia and Oceania office and that includes – THE PHILIPPINES!

Visit your dream destination in Korea for free!
Visit your dream destination in Korea for free!

The event is until July 15th and all you have to do is to write about three of your dream destinations in Korea. SEVEN WINNERS will get the chance to win two roundtrip tickets to Korea and 3 nights’ hotel voucher. Woohoo!
If I could join this contest, I would write as my dream destinations: Seoul (because it’s the capital city), Jeju-do (because I’ve never been there), and Pyeongchang (because that’s where the 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held).
What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! Please read the contest rules carefully.


  1. this is really an answered prayer.. How i wish my mom will win and finally be able to visit me here…Thank you Lord.^^

  2. Hi! I joined this contest. I hope I win! 🙂 Can i submit only one entry? Thanks.

  3. Hi ate Betchay!!
    thanks po sa info!!! i’ll try my luck plus i’ll pray for this!!!
    marithes 😉

      1. OOHH MYYY ate Betchay!!!
        you dont know how happy i am na nagreply po kayo sa akin!!! sa dami ng bumibisita sa blog nyo po..thank you so much sa time…and sana isa ako sa mga pinoy na mananalo!!! AJA!!! 😉
        marithes of davao,philippines..

  4. hi…where can we see the result?? i tried checking visit korea’s website but i didnt find any announcement regarding the winners…thanks

  5. Thanks to elyoka for the link. Me too can’t find it on KTO website. Congrats to all the winner. We better luck next time…

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