The Best Mango in Korea

It used to be that Korea only imports mangoes from the Philippines. Now, they also import the fruit from Taiwan with the apple mango variety and the “nam dok mai” from Thailand.

Mangoes from Thailand (left) and the Philippines (right) sold in Korean supermarkets.
Mangoes from Thailand (left) and the Philippines (right) sold in Korean supermarkets.

In the photo above, a pack of two Thai mangoes cost almost 9,000 won while the Philippine mangoes is 6,000 won. Expensive, isn’t it? I have tried Taiwan mangoes once when my sister-in-law gave us a pack. I’m not really a fan of apple mangoes. I only got to eat one Thai mango last April, the other was left in the fridge and eventually ended up in the food waste bin. I guess it’s not just my type.
I buy mangoes only once or twice a month. However, last June I discovered Paris Baguette’s mango smoothie and it was delish. My husband saw my credit card bill last month when I asked him to help me with the quarterly taxes and he wondered what I had been buying from PB almost everyday! Their mango smoothie is 4,500 won per serving. I would pair it with their “coconut pastry” for 1,800 won and voila – a taste of the Philippines!
Last Friday, my husband came home with the best gift he could give me on my eighth year in Korea – mangoes! Love them more than the pricey French makeup he gave me last week ;p
Ten mangoes from the Philippines
A dozen mangoes from the Philippines

He ordered the mangoes from the internet. Ten for him and ten for his co-worker. (He said they received 24 pieces and gave the four to their other co-workers). They paid 20,000 won each. So that’s 20 pieces for 40,000 won with free delivery.
The best mango in Korea is from -
The best mango in Korea is from -

The mangoes tasted like naturally ripened ones from the Philippines. My husband said they’re the best he’d ever had. He regrets that he never had mangoes in the Philippines; but he would always try them during his trips abroad.
Not just sweet - deliciously sweet!
Not just sweet - deliciously sweet!

That night, my husband finished five mangoes and I had three. Now, there’s nothing left in the fridge. But I’m planning to order them as presents for Chuseok. I want my Korean friends to try the best mango in Korea ;p


  1. WOW! Oh my God!! I was too excited for this online store, i signed up immediately kkk. although, the website is mostly in Korean, anyway, I will ask my korean friend’s help. It is really a great gift for Chuseok.
    Last week, my friend bought a pack of dried mangoes from Thailand, it is nothing compared to Philippine mangoes kkk
    Thanks for this great info! 🙂

    1. If you will buy Dried Mango from Our Company to sell in korean Market we can supply you contact Our company contact Number 63-46-686-5302/63-919-3818577/63-46-4190133

  2. wow~~ i think its cheaper… Here in Daejeon, there are 2 stores selling mangoes for 5000 won per piece….oh how i miss eating mangoes…especially indian mangoes….TT TT
    Ms. Betchay, what site did your husband order it from??? thanks..^^

  3. Ms. Betchay, can we bring in mangoes from the Philippines to Korea? I think they are srict because it has seeds which are needed to be tested.. Interesting article and wonderful too.

  4. My favorite fruit…can’t live without mangoes..I guess Ill bring mangoes for my Korean friends.

  5. Hi! is it allowed to bring mangoes to korea? im going next week and i plan to bring some to my friends.

  6. we produce packed dried green mangoes from the philippines, best quality, we can export them to korea, please contact me for details..

  7. Hi,
    Ask ko lang po pano magpadala ng mango sa Korea from Manila? pabday gift ko sana sa friend ko.
    At allowed po b syang ihand carry? hindi kaya sitahin ng custom? If ipaquarantine nmn mga magkano kaya magagastos?
    Thanks po!!

  8. i was there last week. pinayagan naman may dala akong 4 na manga. hand carry nasita lang ako sa custom sa pinas nung nakita pero mabait sya kaya pinayagan din ako… san kaya pwedeng magorder kung nd k nmn pupunta ng korea? may company kaya n pwedeng magdala? meron kasi dito for koreans pero ang mahal 2000 pesos for 5 kilos kasama na lahat sa kanila na din ang manga pero mahal pa din sya db?

  9. It’s a good news for all of you that korea
    government have also approved mangoes
    from Pakistan. They have approved durrani associates
    to send mangoes to korea after hot water processing
    so from next year you all can enjoy king of all mangoes
    Sindhri which is best mangoes in the world
    because it have no fiber in it and it’s very delisious
    kindly any body can help me that how much
    mangoes korea import from the world and which super stores
    are selling them?

  10. i guess u all have not tried indian mangoes india is not only the largest producer of mangoes but also the best (u r really unlucky if u havent tried it yet)

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