Jasmine Lee: A Beacon of Hope

This article was published on August 4th on the online edition of Korea Herald. It’s about Jasmine Lee, a Filipina immigrant from Davao who has transformed herself from a housewife to a household name in Korea by appearing on TV and soon on the big screen. Well, she had a small role last year in a movie with Kang Dong Won (Uihyeongje or Secret Reunion), but I heard we should expect something bigger this year ;p. She also has been advocating for the welfare of immigrant wives in Korea.
Oh, if you have seen the movie “Uihyeongje” or “Secret Reunion”, she played a Vietnamese in the film. She had a scene in a car with the two leads.
Read more about Jasmine Lee on the Korea Herald.


  1. I also admire her but I honestly don’t think that she’s already a household name in Korea. Let’s give her more time. I think it’s not impossible to happen. ^^

  2. Isn’t it the Congresswoman Jasmin Lee a pride of Filipinos here in South Korea? I hope she will help Filipinos (regardless of status) here. I am looking forward to meet the gevernor personally. God Speed Congresswoman!

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