Scandal in Korea: A foreign teacher attacks an old man

This happened last Saturday night in a bus in Seongnam and netizens are surely reacting. The video shows a foreigner (a 24-year old American English teacher nicknamed “H” by the local media) cussing and later on hitting an elderly.
Apparently at around 11:10 PM near Moran Station in Seongnam, the foreigner was talking on his phone loudly in the bus. Witnesses said the old man said “shup up!”. Others heard the old man say “니가 여기 앉다” (ni-ga yo-gi ahn-ta) . Some said the black guy may have misunderstood that the old man called him a “nigger” – which is offensive to them if you’re not one of them, right?
In the video, it showed the foreign guy shouting bad words that I couldn’t print here. In Korean, he also said “뭐해? 뭐해? 몰라? 몰라?” (What? What? You don’t know? You don’t know?”. Then, he said some more things before eventually hitting the old man. The passengers in the bus asked the driver to go to the police station.

The video is short at just over a minute. The police are still looking into the matter. The ajosshis in Korea are not the most “likeable” people one would ever encounter. However, there is just no excuse hitting someone as in the video.


  1. OA naman maka-react ung egoy. He doesn’t have respect for the elders and women, teacher pa naman siya. It’s really annoying when your in public transportation and someone is speaking on his/her phone loudly or those who have loud ringtones. Kaya ako when I travel I always put my phone on silent mode para hindi maka-istorbo sa ibang tao. May mga tao kasing insensitive.
    Kaya lang Ms.Betchay, bakit ganun ung mga tao sa bus? parang mga walang pakialam, umabot pa tuloy sa point na nasuntok na nung egoy ung matanda bago pa nila pinigilan.

    1. In fairness, marami rin Koreans na maingay sa train or sa bus minsan. Pero hindi naman dumating sa punto na manununtok yung iba. Titingnan lang siguro ng masama… hehehe. Yung mga tao sa bus, siguro ang magagawa lang kasi talaga nila ay sabihan yung parties na bumaba ng bus. Yung babae hinaharang yung black guy at sinasabihan niya na tama na. Yung iba naman, sinasabihan siya na bumaba na. Kahit siguro tayo, wala tayong magagawa kundi tumawag ng pulis or sabihan sila na bumaba na lang.

  2. apparently he’s having a bad hair day…^^
    i salute yung babae na humaharang dito sa egoy na itech,,
    kaya lang u can’t miss the
    fact that ang daming tao sa bus na yun, .
    the large junk of them are men, they should have done something than just sit there. .
    the bottomline here kawawa nman si manong.
    kamusta na kaya siya?…

  3. He maybe having a bad day that time. Funny story but very enlightening for us all who sometimes forget to act accordingly even if we are going through with something but please don’t leave your manners at home. Our actions speaks louder than our words so, be very careful with how you act. Sometimes it’s not bad when we try to express ourselves but not to the extent of hurting and stepping on the right of others.

  4. Na-offend siguro mashado yung foreigner na marinig yung word Na “nigger” kaya nagalit. Sensitive kasi ang mga black Americans sa word na yun.

  5. i agree with you peppermint, the word “N” is a racial slur, utmost derogatory word for people of african descent.

  6. Find him, jail him, deport him, block his visa/passport from ever returning. I am going to dog the police and immigration department until they take action.

  7. Honestly when i lived in Korea for 3 years i found Koreans to be more than likeable. Although the younger male generations generally had a dislike for Americans ( I’m American myself), everyone else treated me with more respect than i typically get from my fellow Americans. I hope he was punished severely.

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