Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea

This post is for the “Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea” or PIKO (an organization of Filipino scholars in Korea). A friend, the fantabulous Joel Closa, is the treasurer of the organization.

Vote for Ms. Anne Katherine Pranada for Bb. Kalinangan
Vote for Ms. Anne Katherine Pranada for Bb. Kalinangan

To raise funds, they are joining the “Gg at Bb Kalinangan”, which is a pageant for Filipino expats in Korea sponsored by the Hyewha-dong Catholic Church. Their candidates are Anne Katherine Pranada and Carlo Clarin, both are Filipino scholars in Korean universities. If they win, the money that they will receive would be added to the fund of their organization. Filipino scholars here also need funds that they could use for emergency purposes or whenever they need financial assistance. Someday, they will go back to the Philippines and work for a multinational corporation, or hopefully work in the teaching profession so they could share with the Pinoy students the knowledge they gained here.
Please vote for Anne Katherine Pranada (beauty and brains) for Bb. Kalinangan (KATHERINE). And for Carlo Clarin for Gg. Kalinangan (CARLO).
Voting is only until September 10th at 11:59 PM. Please ask your friends to vote for them, too. It will only take a few seconds. Thanks and let’s support our Pinoy scholars ;p


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