Korean Film Festival at SM's Mall of Asia and SM Cebu

Got this from the Korean Embassy website in the Philippines.

The Korean Film Festival this year will focus on the themes of love. Seven films will be
screened on September 20-26 at the SM Mall of Asia and SM North Edsa following a huge turnout of audience at last year’s Horror Film Festival.
The Korean Embassy has also expanded the film festival to include the province of Cebu. The Korean Film Festival in Cebu will be from September 28-October 1 in SM Cebu. All the films will be for free.
Included in the roster of films are Sworn Brothers, Scandal Maker, A Happy Life, My Dear Enemy, Hwang Jin Yi, For Eternal Hearts and Christmas in August.
2011 KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL Screening Schedule
MALL OF ASIA, Cinema 6
19 September, PREMIER NIGHT
20 September
Happy Life 즐거운 인생 1:15PM,
Scandal Maker 과속스캔들 8:30PM
21 September
My Dear Enemy 멋진 하루 6:30PM
Hwang Jin Yi 황진이 9:30PM

Do watch the movie SECRET REUNION. A Filipina, Jasmine Lee, is in the movie. She plays a Vietnamese in it, though.


  1. Oh! so that’s the movie where Ms. Jasmine was included. That’s the movie that they will be showing during the premiere night on Sept. 19. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Hi,
    Good day!
    I have a question re korean visa application. Do they require a minimum bank account balance to get your visa approved? I hear different things kasi sa mga forums, yung iba were saying $5000 yung iba naman $1000.
    Will greatly appreciate your response.

  3. Hello Ms. Betchay!
    I was able to watch Secret Reunion during the premiere of the Korean Film Festival. I thought I missed Ms. Jasmine’s part but it turned out that she appeared almost towards the end of the movie. She has quite a noticeable role and she played the part well.
    And she’s lucky to see Kang Dong Won and Song Kang Ho in real life.

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