The Philippine Discovery Box at the National Folk Museum

Philippine Discovery Box
Philippine Discovery Box

On September 20th at 230 PM, the Philippine Discovery Box will be opened at the Children’s Museum of the National Folk Museum, located at the western side of Gyeongbuk Palace. Everyone is invited – especially the Filipinos in Korea. ;p
This special project will showcase Philippine culture and hopes to educate Korean and Filipino children in Korea of our cultural heritage. Former Korea Times reporter (and now with ABS-CBN News) Cathy Rose Garcia wrote an article of what it’s all about:

The mobile museum box, titled “Kumusta (Hello) Philippines,” contains various musical instruments, traditional clothing such as Baro’t Saya and Barong Tagalog, games, toys and books, as well as audio-visual and study materials to give Koreans a glimpse of what Philippine culture is all about.
“The understanding of culture begins with various exciting experiences such as seeing, listening, feeling, observing, imagining, touching and wearing. Also, you will learn how to live together by comparing the similarities and differences between Korean and Philippine culture,” the museum said.
The museum also created a bilingual picture book and flash animation for the famous Philippine tale “The Turtle and the Monkey,” which was written by national hero Jose Rizal.

If you are in Seoul and you have some time, do visit the museum especially on Tuesday, September 20th. Notable Filipino personalities in Korea will attend the launching. Get to meet the team behind this project including Jasmine Lee and DJ Regina. You can also learn more about it through its Facebook page: The Philippine Discovery Box.

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  1. hi ms betchay! good luck to the team behind this project. hope that this will put more pinoy pride for filipinos living there and a better understanding of who we are. tho sometimes pinoys living abroad tend to sidetrack who they are, this will in a way let them know who they still are and will be. its good to embrace multiple cultures but still know where one’s roots came. good luck to everyone behind this meaningful project.

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