Visa-Free Entry to Jeju Island in South Korea for Filipino citizens

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions whether Filipino citizens can visit Jeju Island in South Korea without a visa. Jeju Island or Jeju-do is a famous tourist destination. It has been a favorite filming location for Korean dramas and movies.
I made a call a few minutes ago to Jeju Airport Immigration Office. I called them up at exactly 10:26 AM, September 30th and my call lasted for 3 minutes and 41 seconds. They have services in Korean, English and Chinese. The phone number is 064-746-0044.
I talked to the Immigration Official in English and he speaks fluent English with a very clear accent. So you need not worry whether I understood him perfectly or not ;p
I asked him if a Filipino still needs a visa to visit Jeju Island. He said that “if the visitor is coming from the Philippines and he’s flying directly to Jeju, a VISA IS NOT NECESSARY BUT HE WILL STILL BE SUBJECTED TO INVESTIGATION so there is no guarantee that he can enter Jeju Island.” Also, the return flight must be departing from Jeju. Even if one has a visa, it is still not a guarantee that he can enter Korea. It’s still up to the Immigration Official.
If you have any questions, you can call the Immigration Office. From the Philippines, it’s country code (82), local code (64) and phone number 746-0044.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful info, Betchay. I visited Korea two years ago but I got my visa from NY. Right now, Im back in the Phil and i’m quite apprehensive to apply for a Korean visa from here. Anyway, I hope to visit Jeju in spring. But I dont know if there is a carrier from Manila that flies directly to Jeju. I checked but it is way to pricey (via PAL-Japan-Jeju). Does Jeju air fly directly to Jeju from Manila or Cebu?

    1. Hi Ms. Hana! As far as I remember, Jeju Air has have direct flights from NAIA Terminal 3 (Manila) to Jeju. Please confirm nalang po sa website nila 🙂

  2. Ms. Betchay,
    Me and my friends are going to Seoul on the 3rd week of March 2012. What is the usual climate during those days? Malayo pa naman yung date but we want to be well prepared for our trip. I hope you would drop some advice. Thanks and regards, Ivan Karlo 🙂

    1. Hi Ivan! It’s still a little cold with temperatures around 10 degrees. We also experience cold spell at the end of winter so it’s best to bring thick jackets.

  3. Is it practical to buy thick jackets there rather than buying here in the Philippines?
    Thank you.

    1. It really depends, but if you’re coming in winter it’s best to have your clothes ready when you come. You might not be able to bear the cold to go out and buy clothes.

  4. Hi. I Since I find this website very useful, I’d like to ask some questions.
    I’m currently working as an ESL teacher to Koreans here in the Philippines and I would like to know if there is an opportunity for me to be able to teach there. I’ve heard that the Korean government does not allow Filipinos to teach English in Korea since we are not native speakers of the language. Is this true? If so, are there other career opportunities I can venture in? I want to migrate to Korea in the future, so I would like to know how I can earn a living there.
    I hope to hear from any you guys soon. Thanks. ^^ (Ken Madrigal)

  5. Thanks Ms. Betchay! I am planning to buy my winter jacket in Vietnam. It is much cheaper there. Hehe! By the way, Is the 10 deg temperature bearable for Filipinos? Or is it super cold talaga? We want to be efficient in choosing the stuff we would bring because limited baggage allowance. Bigat ng mga winter jackets sa baggage eh! Hehe! And do we still need to bring thermal clothes or thick winter jackets would suffice? Please advise. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. wow! visa free entry…that’s quite a good news..sana naman di masyado pricey..and i hope jeju air will have flight promos for Filipinos.
    i’m sure madami pupunta dun 😉
    pag bibisita ako ng seoul I don’t want to miss Jeju Island!=)

  7. walang jeju air na direct from manila to jeju. if nadeny ng korean visa, tapos try na sa jeju nalang pumunta, hindi kaya mas risky yun sa immigration dahil nadeny ka na ng visa? also kung let’s say connecting flight sa japan or china, going to jeju, kailangan pa ba ng visa sa japan or china? any ideas on which airlines go directly to jeju?

    1. you need to get a transit visa to japan and certain part in china when you have a connecting flight to jeju,i think it less hassle when you take PH-Hongkong-Jeju flight.

      1. we also want to visit jeju island next year so i asked mr.ivan henares,a travel blogger(2007 best travel blogger), regarding that transit visa from can see the actual post and comments on
        me:sir ivan good evening po…we are planning to go to jeju island,south korea next year but since there’s no direct flight from the philippines to jeju,we have to take a domestic flight from either busan or incheon,do we have to get a korean visa even if we don’t intend to leave the airport and just board the plane going to jeju?thanks po!
        sir ivan:I would think so because you will have to move to the domestic departure area of the airport. Best way to avoid visa situation is to go to Jeju via a different country such as Japan
        me:oh i see..that means we have to get a visa for japan or it’s alright if we don’t have that?thanks again sir ivan!^^
        sir ivan: No need for Japanese visa since both are international flights and you will simply transfer within international terminal. Just ask ariline about luggage and if you could check it in directly to the next flight
        me: thank you sir ivan!Godbless!^^
        hope that answers the question regarding transit visa.

        1. Hi lady!thank you for the information regarding manila-japan-jeju.this is really helpful…I’m planning to go in Jeju this november and can’t find direct flights from philippines to jeju.since you’ve mention that japan doesn’t need a transit visa since both are international flight and we just have to transfer in another airlines this travel will be possible to us.thank you again.

  8. thanks for the info. we went to seoul last sept 9-14 and i want to go back already! i miss korea! our next plan is to visit jeju. i really hope we’d be able to visit the place by next year.

  9. pls miss betchay, ask ko lang po. ini-invite po kc ako ng boyfriend ko na nasa korea pero ndi po sya korean, forieghner. ahm inasikaso ko na po yung visa ko dito sa pinas kaso lang po my missing document pa kaya ndi ako nakapg-apply ng visa ko for tourist to korea kc we are running out of time na po, bakasyon lang po kc sa school kaya ako aalis sana, then is it okey lang ba na pumunta sa jeju kahit walang visa and hindi pa po ako nakakalabas ng bansa ever since. im a student. thank you po!

    1. hi genne! pwede mo patawagin sa boyfriend mo yung number sa ‘taas… sabi kasi ng kausap ko kailangan daw direct flight to jeju at hindi rin daw guarantee na papasukin ng jeju, depende pa rin sa discretion ng immigration official

  10. Hi, we wanted to have our honeymoon next year to Jeju Island..
    Since there’s no direct flight to Jeju Island from Philippines..
    what airlines are available from Shanghai – Jeju or
    HK to Jeju?
    PHI – Shanghai – Jeju Island
    PHI – HK – Jeju Island
    Thanks so much.

  11. hi ms. Betchay. I just want to ask if how can l get a visa and what kind of visa is that coz my korean boyfriend wants me to go to k0rea and stay there for l0ng but l dont hav a bank account yet and we’re n0t married yet. He dont hav a idea if how can l get a visa. Tnx po hope u can help me.

  12. Hi Ms Betchay,
    I just wanted to ask if its possible to travel to Jeju Island, which is visa free, and then fly to Seoul still as visa free.

    1. Nope. It’s also not possible to travel to Jeju Island directly since there is no plane that flies from Manila-Jeju.

  13. Hi Ms Betchay,
    I just wanted to ask if its possible to travel to Jeju Island, which is visa free, and then fly to Seoul still as visa free.

  14. hi, my name is fahmy…year 2001 i went to korea for working visa but i was stay there 3years only with visa..after 7 years stay withouth visa…i was come back to sri lanka year 2011 may…but now i like to visit to korea so can i go there in jeju island?

  15. Hi Betchay,
    Makikigulo lang at hihingi ng advise.
    I have been so stressed and confused the past few days & even travel agents can’t seem to give me a clear answer.
    I called up the Visa Section of the Korean Embassy and the guy said that there is no need for a visa to jeju as has been mentioned many times here if I fly direct. He said the usual flight route is Mla-Hongkong-Jeju (Cathay/DragonAir).
    On the other hand, the travel agent told me that Jeju immigration requires a DIRECT flight from Manila as the origin of the travel. Which is which?
    You said in one of your posts that there is no Manila – Jeju direct flight and I can’t seem to find any in the net. All flights need domestic tranfers either in Busan, Seoul or Inchon so that is out of the question. Is the Catahy Pac/DragonAir option of Mla-HK-Jeju considered a direct flight to Jeju even if I had a transfer in HK?
    It would have been a lot easier if I got a Visa but I have to leave for Bangkok on Saturday but w/ Mon. and Tues. being holidays I won’t make it anymore. I return to Mla on the 28th Aug. and I need to be in Jeju on the 4th of Sept. to attend a Conference kaya still can’t que up for a Visa at the embassy.
    Need Advise desperately!
    Maraming Salamat!

    1. Hi Dave! I know minsan iba-iba ang sinasabi ng Immigration. When I called the immigration before ang sabi nila is direct flight. Pero subject to the immigration’s discretion talaga. The sure way is to get a visa, pero may na-A-to-A pa rin di ba.

      1. Dear Betchay,
        Just came back from Jeju after attending the World Conservation Congress in Soegwipo. There were cursory questions regarding my purpose for visiting Korea, otherwise it was smooth sailing getting in without a visa. BTW, direct flights to Jeju from the Philipipines pass via HK (Cathay) and Narita (JAL).

  16. Hi Betchay,
    Thank you for helping people like me.
    Anyway just want to ask if i can go to South korea directly from here in Hk. Actually, i went there last month but my employer was the one who processed for me so i know nothing about processing,if so what are the requirements i need to submit in korean embassy here in HK . By the way im a pinay.
    Thank you and God Blz…

    1. Hi Cathy! You’ll need to ask the Korean Embassy if they allow Filipinos to apply for a visa there. There are some Korean Embassies that don’t. Then you’ll need to ask them the requirements. Not all Korean Embassies have the same requirements.

  17. Hi,
    Just wanted to ask if there are other documents that are needed in Jeju & Busan airport apart from the visa /passport. We’ll be coming from Seoul then we’ll go Busan and then Jeju.

    1. Hi Meg! You don’t need other documents. Just bring your passport whenever you travel just in case you run into immigration officials (which has never happened to me!)

      1. Hi Betchay,
        Just wanted to thank you for the info. Our vacation in Seoul, Busan and Jeju was awesome. 🙂

  18. hello ms. betchay. l just want to ask if l could really go to jeju without a visa? coz my korean bf wants me to go there. he heard from the news that filipinos can travel to jeju without visa even though through Seoul. But he still wants to confirmed if its true. can u please help me ms. betchay? l dont know what to do. thanks po tal

    1. Lhynn,
      Yes, you can travel to Jeju w/o a Visa. I went to Jeju last September via Hong Kong to attend a Conference. You have to enter Jeju DIRECT from the Philippines or a foreign country. Stop-overs in any part of Korea are not allowed. I took the Cathay Pacific Mla-HK-Jeju flight.

  19. good eve po mr. dave. ask ko lang po sana if ganun parin po ba yung route pag pauwi na, diba po pag papunta is manila-hk-jeju sa cathay, eh pagcheck ko po ng flight pagpabalik na po dito, from jeju eh dadaan po ng seoul diba so panu po yun diba po di allowed yun kasi wala akong visa? anu po ba dapat? please po help naman, l need answers na po talaga ngayon. thanks po.

    1. Dear Lhynn,
      The flights out of Korea should also be direct to Hk, and no stop-overs in any part of Korea. The flights to and from HK-Jeju are limited to the following dates. Sunday-Wednesday-Thursday. Just aadjust your flights to these dates.

      1. hello. mr. Dave ask ko lang po sana if magkano po babayaran ko 4 travel tax sa naia? tsaka how about sa hong kong po, diba transfer lang po kami ng plane so kelangan ko din ba magbayad dun for d travel tax and how much po?
        thanks po..

        1. Lhynn,
          Usually sinasama na sa ticket ang travel tax w/c is at P1,650. Check mo nalang sa travel agent. Sa transfer mo sa HK hindi ka na magbabayad ng Travel Tax.

    2. Ask lng kung nkrating kna ng jeju witout a visa ?db walang direct flight from manila to jeju..

      1. Dear Maeya,
        Cathay Pacific (flight no. CX790) at Dragon Air (flight no. KA326) w/c is code share with Cathay, regularly fly to Jeju direct from Hongkong. Just get into HK and then take these flights going into Jeju. Outward bound flights are also available via Cathay and Dragon Air, direct din ang mga flights na ito Jeju to Honkong. If you take these flight you will not transit or pass via any other Korean port, and you will not need any Korean Visa.

  20. hello po mr. dave, tanong ko lang po, pag dumating ba sa HK kailangan pa dumaan sa sa HK immigration? balak ko din sana MNL-HK-JEJU. thank you po!

      1. ah ok! thank you po sa pag reply. pero meron pa po sana akong itatanong, ok lang po ba yun kahit na mag stay po ako dun sa airport ng ilang oras na di na kailangan pang dumaan sa immigration? natatakot mo kasi ako first ko po ito. thank you po

  21. I just saw flights from busan to jeju, it’s really not allowed to make a stop over there even if it’ll be like a connecting flight (will not pass immigration)?
    Thank you

  22. hi miss betchay! i would like to ask if ever im goin to apply for a visa will i be able to know that same day if i got approved or denied?
    i have all my documents ready and i am planning to apply next week…ill keep my fingers crossed,and i hope and pray that i will have a positive result.

    1. Hi! No, you wouldn’t know if you got an approval or denial on the same day. You’ll only know it on the day the Embassy asks you to pick up your passport. Good luck!

  23. Ask ko lng pg dting ko sa imigration sa jeju ano ano ba mga I check. Nila about hotel reservation po ba ? I cckeck pa po ba yun , about money , kylangan ba?

  24. Anyone can help me..really i am very confuse bec i have plan to travel jeju but no direct flight from wat can i do first i have dnt visa. ill try to check all the flight but no direct flight even in hk have to stop in incheon so i cant enter incheon bec i have visa.but i heard if just go to jeju no need visa for pilipino wants to go jeju..really i am confuse i check all but ever my travel agency cnt answer my question…

  25. Hi Betchay , I am planning to go to Jeju Island this summer. Is there a direct flight from Cebu to Jeju Island ?

    1. HI Stephanie. There is no direct flight but others said you could go to Hongkong and get a flight directly to Jeju from there.

      1. hello po ms betchay ask ko korean friend is inviting me to stay for a tour in SK and want to meet us at jeju airport. what are the documents do i need to prepare aside from passport? do i still need to go to embassy for this travel? please help any one.i really have no idea its my first time to go outside the country..
        by the way miss betchay my friend will cover all cost..he’s going to pay all my expenses so he just want me to prepare my documents so he can start preparing narin for things ill be needing from him..hope u can help me.

  26. hello po ms betchay ask ko korean friend is inviting me to stay for a tour in SK and want to meet us at jeju airport. what are the documents do i need to prepare aside from passport? do i still need to go to embassy for this travel? please help any one.i really have no idea its my first time to go outside the country..

    1. by the way miss betchay my friend will cover all cost..he’s going to pay all my expenses so he just want me to prepare my documents so he can start preparing narin for things ill be needing from him..hope u can help me.

  27. hi ms betchay. i am just confused. will a green card holder (US immigrant) need to apply for a korean visa? thanks

  28. Visited Seoul last Oct. 4- 11 and enjoyed it. I want to go back again. Applying for visa is the easiest among others as long as you have complete documents, there are 2 types for tourist, employee or businessman. Docs reqd are ITR, bank statement issued formally by the bank and certificate of employment if employee. I went to the embassy in C5 taguig and it took me 5 minutes to submit documents with no interview, came back after 3 working days for the release and took only 5 minutes to get my visa. That’s how fast and easy it is. It will help if you have previous travel already or US visa already. I saw lots of plane going to Jeju at Seoul intl airport viva Jeju Air.

  29. hi ms betchay,
    my korean boyfriend wants me to have a smal vacay maybe 3- 5 days is it necessary?to go there free? what should i need to go there safety and no delay for my next year?

  30. hi Ms. betchay,
    meron po akong korean bf at my isa po kaming anak. plano po namin n mgpunta s jeju this coming summer. hindi po kaya kami mahihirapan ng anak ko na papasukin s jeju ng immigration?

      1. Panong investigation po b ung gagawin ng immigration ng jeju? Sure po kya n mkakapasok kmi dun ng anak q? Thanks po.

        1. Thina,
          Siyempre tatanungin ka kung ano ang reason mo for visiting Jeju, saan ka mag-stay at gaano katagal. It would help kung mayroon kang hotel booking and of course meron kang return ticket. Walang nakaka-sigurado na makakapasok ka, kasi nga ang final discretion ay sa immigration officer na tatanggap ng passport mo. Minsan baka tanungin ka kung magkano ang dala mong pera for your day-to-day activities and expenses. Pero as I mentioned earlier it will be up to the Immigration officer kung paniniwalaan ka. Kung legitimate na tour naman ang punta mo, walang rason na ma-deny ka ng entry into jeju.

          1. my name is amelyn
            Hi Sir Dave,
            Tanong ko lang,asawa ko kasi tagajeju need ko pa po ba ng letter ng asawa ko pra sa immigration?please help me.

  31. hi mr. dave and betchay
    pede ko po b makuha ung contact info ng travel agency n nag ayos ng flight nyo n manila-hk and hk-jeju. balak ko n po kasi magpareserv for the month of november.. pls reply

    1. Dear Thina,
      You can get tickets on your own even w/o a travel agency. Try mo google ang Cathay Pacific, just make sure that you have A DIRECT FLIGHT GOING INTO JEJU, hindi pwede ang flight na via ANY KOREAN CITY. Kunin mo yung Cathay Pacific na Mla-HK-Jeju round Trip, hanap ka din ng ibang options baka meron nang ibang flights. Kung nalilito ka try calling Horizon Travel & tours, look for Mr. Henry Salvante; (632) 5212586 or 3283388 or 09178072538(Globe) or 09989088989 (Smart)
      Good Luck!

  32. Dear all.
    I am a Korean boy and my wife is from the Philippines. We are living here in Korea for more than 5 years now. Now she is Korean citizen.
    Anyway, Today she suddenly asked me if it’s true that Pinoy can visit Jeju island without visa. Yes.. it’s true. Maybe she was surprised because normally Korean visa regulation is very strict BUT there is an exception in Jeju!
    I knew that before but for the sure I called immigrant office of Jeju airport and asked details to make it clear.
    Trust me, I am Korean and I talked with immigrant staff more than 5 mins with 10000% Korean native accent. LOL…
    Yes, It is VISA FREE for Pinoy tourists. It was aimed to promote tourism industry in Jeju island.
    BUT some conditions.
    He/she must come from foreign country airport and exit to foreign country airport . They don’t care what country where he/she is coming from.
    For example, coming from H.K and exit to Japan ? No problem. It’s not true that he/she must come from and exit to same country. Just remember. Come from/Exit to foreign country. Only one condition.
    Korean domestic transit ? for example, transit at Busan or Incheon airport to go to Jeju ? NO. it’s not possible. Because international transit is separated by domestic transit. They are independent !
    Normally when you transit international line (MANILA – H.K – JEJU), you don’t need to pass imigrant. Tranasit hall is considered as a kind of airplane PATH. Not a specific country.
    But when you want to transit from international airline to domestic airline, you have to pass the imigrant and completely come out to KOREAN LEGAL LAND and find domestic line. Domestic line is something like taking a BUS in a country. don’t find connection to international terminal. That means you need specific Visa.
    And quite many iligal foreigners, who abuse visa free regulation, in Jeju. If something is wrong they can reject tourist. So you must fill out imigrant card in the airplane carefully.
    Name, Schedule of stay and Hotel info. Etcs.. not that special stuff. Everyone in the world does that when going to other country.
    I hope this information helps.
    For the 100% sure, I recommend that you call Jeju airport imigrant office (+ 82 64-797-2151~4 )
    Anyway Jeju is a beautiful island..

    1. Thank you for your info. I agree, Jeju is beautiful ~ much more than I expected 😀

    2. hi i just want to ask if we going to jeju then can we go to seoul even if we i dont have visa? tnx for ur answer

      1. Hi! You can’t go to Seoul if you have a Philippine passport and you don’t have a Korean visa.

  33. hi ms. betchay. the questions I read is all about the direct flight ph -hk-jeju, so can you please enlightened me with this inquiry,,i am presently working here at Moscow legally, and I am given a one month vacation by my employer, I am planning to visit jeju to spent my vacation before going to i’ll probably take the route Moscow-hk-jeju (stop there for a week)-then go to ph (by jeju-hk-ph route) and after 3 weeks have my ph-hk-moscow to return here to Moscow for my work again…would that be possible

  34. hi , ask ko lang ano ang climate sa jeju kapag month ng January? Gusto ng anak ko yung malamig at anong pinakamagandang place na pasyalan sa Jeju island? Thanks and God bless

  35. Hello poh ask ko lang sana sinu nakakaalm ng agency na nagpapaalis papuntang jeju island yung group tour poh sasama poh sana ako para makabawas budget hehe thanks Godbless..

  36. HELLO po mam Betchay! I would like to ask about the visa processing in Korea? Im here in Kurdistan, Iraq working as a nurse. is it possible for me to process tourist visa kahit nandito ako? d po kaya ako e dedeny ng Korean immigration? I have tita in korea but she doesn’t have an idea about visa processing khit resident na po sya doon. thanks

    1. Hi Cat! If you are a legal resident there (legally working with a visa), then the Korean Embassy might accommodate your visa application. I met a Filipina who was visiting Korea for the first time. She was working in Dubai while her mom was working in Korea. She said that she processed her visa through the Embassy in Dubai.

  37. hello thank you for replying Mam Betchay! ummm.. pwede lg po ba mag process ng visa na thru travel agency sa pinas? impossible po kasi na mag process ng visa ditto sa Korean embassy kasi nasa Baghdad pa po at nkakatakot pumunta doon. hehehe.. hmmm.. pag nsa jeju na po ako pwede po ba doon nalang magprocess ng tourist visa para mkapunta ako ng seoul? I have working visa po dto sa Kurdistan. Thank you! Have a nice day!

  38. Hi! Is it okay to go there without having to avail any package tour from a travel agency? Because I have a plan to go there and I was wondering if it is necessary that u get a package tour fr a travel agent or u can just have ur own itinerary. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gel! You can have your own itinerary to visit Jeju-do, but unlike Seoul, the transportation system is not so efficient. They don’t have subway there, only buses.

      1. Thanks sa reply Ms. Betchay! I do have a follow-up question if it’s okay. I am planning to fly with Cebu Pacific fr Cebu to HK and then fly fr another airline to Jeju upon arriving in HK. is it allowed? I will of course purchase d ticket to Jeju before flying to HK to show f immigration here n PH. Hehe. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Yes you will still need a visa for Japan. I spent a day in Japan last Saturday and I was given an 90-day pass, but I have a Korean passport.

    2. if it is just a connecting flight & you will only be in transit for a couple of hrs, i dont think u will need a visa for japan. At least that is what i know since i dont get a japanese visa whenever i transit there onroute to the US. Maybe there are new rules.

      1. Sir dave may I ask po if our immigration here in Philippines will not ask b the japan visa if my stop over will be in Narita going to Jeju,since you have the experience travelling from here to jeju by a stop over in foreign country. Thanks po in advance. By th way i will not stay in Narita more than 5hours.

    1. Hi Yhanne! You need to get a visa if you want to visit Seoul, too. It’s not that hard to get a visa as long as you have complete documents.

      1. is there any option to obtain a visa from jeju island instead of obtaining from Philippines or other country?

  39. Hi sir Dave and ms. Bechay.
    My bf is working in Korea but he’s American, and I’m a filipina. We are planning a vacation in jeju island. I have work here but the salary is not that big. My bf will assume the expenses. Now I’d like to ask what’s the first thing to do? I’ve never been outside the country yet. Ano ano po ba ang mostly tinatanung ng immigration? At ano ano po ang dapat ko dalhin para malakita sa immigration at ma approve nila, round rip ticket, hotel booking, passport Ito lang po ba? Or need pa show money? At tsaka mag purchase ka lang ba ng ticket tapos wait nlng kailan yung flight at yun lang ipakita sa immigration? Wala po talaga ako idea. Hope u can help me, thanks

    1. Hi Flo! You mean, pag punta sa Jeju ng visa free? Pagdating mo sa Jeju, the immigration “may” asked to see your return ticket, hotel booking and itinerary. And yes, you only need to purchase a roundtrip ticket and you could go to Jeju from Hongkong or Japan. It’s easier to get a flight from Hongkong since you will not need a visa to go there.

  40. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    My Korea Visa was denied so we opted to travel to Jeju nalang since it’s visa free. Would that be fine? I mean, baka makita immigration na I applied for Korean Visa but I was denied.
    Actually the reason why my Visa is denied is not quite clear. Pero nakakagay dun is like failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country. What does that mean? I have just worked for about 7 months, so the ITR I have doesn’t quite match with my Bank Cert. ung amt po ng bank ko is relatively higher than kung ano lang nasa ITR ko. Pero po kasi my parents deposited money sa bank ko as a gift nga po na for travel sa korea.
    Im quite worried that my entry at Jeju would be questioned because of the denied visa. Pero our stay naman at Jeju is well planned, we got a package from travel and tour agency. We have itinerary naman and details of roundtrip tickets. We intend to stay 4 days & 3 nights lang naman at Jeju (our flight is thru cathay. mnl-hkg-jeju & jeju-hkg-mnl)
    Hope you could give me kind response. Thank You

  41. Hi miss bethchay,
    My korean bf planning to go in jeju,but first stop we want to go in hongkong,we will meet in hk then stay for 2 days in hk.before we will go in jeju.
    Ok lang ba before 2 days pa kmi mg punta ng jeju,after stayed in hk.ako nlang po mg isa babalik from jeju.dhil babalik ba sya ng seoul.after nmin mg stay ng jeju.ok lang po ba un?thank.

  42. Hi Ms. Bethchay,
    Were planning po ng mga friends ko to go in jeju this coming November may friend po kmi koreano magtutour smin, question, do we need a visa pa po ba if connecting flights lng nman yun ggwin nmin from phil-Incheon airport-jeju vice versa? as fas as i concerned no-visa entry na po for transit passengers sa incheon?

  43. Hello po~ My friends will be visiting Jeju after spending 4 days in Seoul this September. Their itinerary would be
    4 days in Seoul
    3 days in Jeju
    Will they need multiple entry visa for this trip? Or will the last leg qualify them for transit only since they will most probably fly out on the same day they arrive at Gimpo?

  44. Hi miss betchay!!I work before in daegu south korea,but I am overstaying there,and I will go home now in the ph.a 5 yrs ago,can I possible to go to jeju island?

  45. May tanong po ako dito kami nakatira sa hongkong plano namin pumunta ng jeju island sa january kailangan pa po ba ang visa kung dito kami manggagaling sa hongkong? Salamat po.

  46. Hi ms betchay, i am planning to go to jeju next week mnl-hkg-jeju roundtrip. Do you have any idea kung ano itatanong sa immigration? Anyway i have previous travel history last year mnl- hkg.

  47. Hi Mr. Dave and Ms. Betchay, I find your replies very informative. I’d like to ask if I’ll take a flight of Manila-Hong Kong-Jeju (roundtrip), will the immigration need a hotel to stay as part of the proof needed that I will be returning back to Phils? or the return ticket will be enough? Your reply will be highly appreciated! 🙂

  48. Hi betchay, visa free ang jeju and I will be in jeju this month. Possible to enter Seoul for tour without Korean visa?

    1. HI Rea! No you can’t enter Seoul without a Korean visa. You will need to present your passport at the airports and ports.

  49. Hello, i just want to ask if i still need to get a transit visa if my connecting flight is manila-shanghai-jeju? Im becamebworried after reading this thread. Hope you can advise. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Ms. Betchay. Does it mean that eventhough my return flight has a connecting flight from shanghai to chendu to manila, i will still not need a visa? Hope you can advise on this again.

  50. Hi Betchay. Planning to visit Jeju via HK. Kailangan ba airport to airport from Manila to HK to Jeju? or can we stay for a few days in HK muna? Will that be an issue? Maraming salamat po.

  51. hi Ms. Bechay.
    I’m planning to travel from April 29 and return on May 1 this year.
    And fly from Shanghai to Jeju island. Do I need to get a visa?
    I’m a Filipina and I handle chines business visa,
    Thanks for replying.

    1. Hi Gemma! If you’re flying directly to Jeju-do, you don’t need to apply for a visa. Just be ready with your outbound ticket, itinerary and address of the place you’ll be staying at.

  52. Hi Ms Betchay,
    Air ticket ko po is 2 way back to shanghai and need ko pa rin ipakita ung return ticket ko to Philippines?
    Thanks po

  53. Hi ms.betchay ask ko lng po kung ano po documents need sa immigration? Svi kc ng travel agency need daw bank certificate at my ipapa fill up skin.. kc ang alm mya package tour kukunin ko.. then nung cnabi ko na ticket lng bibilhin ko ayw n po nya mgsbi kung ano need ng immigration..tinatanong ko lng nmn po to make it sure.. pra d nmn msyang ticket ko.i have a friend from jeju.. they will arrange for me everything like food hotel tour.

    1. Visa free entry. Kailangan lang ng round trip tickets, hotel accommodation at itinerary. Dala ka rin ng employment certificate mo kung meron para sa immigration sa Pilipinas. Make sure na ang ticket is direct flight to Jeju from anywhere outside Korea.

  54. i am abdul from sri lanka,
    i need to travel this june jeju island,
    this is my question as follows:- i have a overall visit 12 times in mainland south korea last 2.5 years ago.
    now i want to visit jeju island for tour need the visa?
    my tour carrier is china eastern form Singapore via transit shanghai and jeju,after departure jeju to gimpo transfer to incheon int airport whithin 5 hours,need the visa?
    i ask Korean embassy in sri lanka,they told me jeju island need the visa to visit many of the jeju island websites writes no need the visa for enter sri lankans(jeju visa policy)

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