Blog giveaway: 11.11.11 Millennium Pepero Day

I was surprised to see my husband’s cousin on one ad of “Pepero” – Korea’s popular pretzel stick snack. My son asked why he (the cousin) was on the banner outside a GS25 Convenience Store. My husband’s cousin is an up-and-coming gagman (as they call stand-up comics here) on KBS2’s Gag Concert. Last year, he won the KBS Rookie of the Year award and was on several ads. Too bad that he didn’t attend the wedding today. I would’ve asked for his autograph as not-a-few of my students are amazed that we’re somewhat related ;p
Back to Pepero – do you know that we’re celebrating the “Millennium Pepero Day” on 11.11.11. That’s how we write dates here in Korea. The last two numbers of the year (11), followed by a dot, then the month, followed by a dot and lastly the day.

11.11.11 Millennium Pepero Day
11.11.11 Millennium Pepero Day

Last year, I bought a box of Pepero that my son gave to his schoolmates at his day care center. I don’t think I’m going to do that this year since he’s attending a bigger day care. Instead, I’m going to give my blog visitors two packages of Pepero. Just answer this question correctly: how many flavors of Pepero are there in the market? You can post your answers until 11.11.10 at 11:59 PM. Two winners will get a package each of Pepero in all flavors ;p By the way, I love nude Pepero!
Update: Removed the Rafflecopter since it’s not showing the actual entries ;p So far, only one entry is correct.


  1. Yay! first comment. πŸ˜€
    but I don’t have luck in giveaways. OTL
    There are 10 flavors.. I guess. LOL
    I haven’t tried Pepero tbh, they don’t sell it here. XD

  2. My first time to join~
    According to wiki, there are 10 flavors since 2007.
    BUT, according to your previous blog posts, there are just 4 variants/flavors (original, almond, nude, and peanuts) as of 2010, that is. So I guess my answer is 4.
    TBH, I have no idea since I’ve only seen and tried the original variant. πŸ™‚

  3. there are 10 flavors or pepero i already tried the two.
    hope i would win this time.. πŸ™‚
    Happy Pepero Day.. ^_^

  4. There are 10 flavors of Pepero in the market. I haven’t tasted Pepero yet so I wanna try it! Happy 빼빼둜 데이 Ma’am Betchay! πŸ™‚

  5. i love pepero. i first tasted it 3 years ago, and it’s yummy…
    I guess there are 5 flavors… our school, they always tell us not to trust wikipedia since anyone can edit it, so i’ll just stick with my guess…

  6. 10 flavors! I will go with the majority answers..LOL. To be honest, I have no idea how many flavors cause I’ve seen only 3 flavors.
    Happy Peppero Day Ms. Betchay ..^_^

  7. 4 variants –
    almond, nude, original or chocolate and peanuts.
    happy pepero day.
    I’ll give some to my hangeug-eo seonsaengnim.
    kamsahapnida ms. betchay. i hope to win.

  8. 4 flavors (original, almond, peanuts, and nude) based on your post last year.
    I haven’t had the chance to try Pepero yet.
    Happy 11.11.11!

  9. I haven’t tried pepero but i did tried Pocky in almond flavor which is a Japanese version of pepero.
    According to wiki there are 10 flavors:
    1. regular or chocolate
    2. strawberry-flavored
    3. almond chocolate
    4. nude (chocolate in the center)
    5. nude lemon cheese
    6. cocoa
    7. soft
    8. cheese
    9. “woman in white” and “man in black”
    10. Topic

  10. originally there are 10 different flavors daw po pro 4 pa lng ang natitikman ko. πŸ˜€ Advance happy Pepero po Ms. Betchay ^^

  11. ate pasali! i really don’t know how many but i’ve been only seeing and buying 5: nude, almond, chocolate, peanuts and strawberry…

  12. It says there are 10 flavors in the market as of 2008. namely, Regular or Chocolate,Strawberry-flavored,Almond Chocolate,Nude (chocolate in the center), nude Lemon Cheese,Cocoa,Soft
    Cheese,”Woman in White” and “Man in Black”.
    but i guess if we re talking about its’ availability in the market there is only 3 which are Regular (red), Nude Pepero (beige), Almond Chocolate (green, my favorite). :)))) wish i win coz i really love pepero!!!! :)))))

  13. I saw the pepero ad today and i saw 5 colors so i guess there are 5 flavors. Btw, it was my first time to ate pepero yesterday and it was so yummy, it was delicious compared to pretzels that i used to eat before in Phil..cross fingers!!

  14. ummm i think there are 10 flavors but only 5 could be seen in the market! πŸ˜€ Original, Nude (chocolate in the middle), Almond, Strawberry, and Cocoa!

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