Cooking Pinakbet in Seoul

There are several Filipino stores here in Seoul. There are also a few Filipino restaurants. On Sundays, Hyewha-dong is teeming with vendors selling Filipino stuff. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Filipino store or to Hyewha-dong. Sometimes, I crave for good Filipino food and most often than not I get to have them at our gatherings.
Last October, a long-time friend who lives in Jeonju surprised me by sending a package of veggies – okra, bitter gourd (ampalaya), string beans, sweet peas and sponge gourd (patola). Her timing couldn’t be more perfect as I was hosting a housewarming party that weekend. The veggies were perfectly ripe.
So I cooked “pinakbet” in Seoul for the first time. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I just had to make an overseas call to my Pangasinense mother. I didn’t have “bagoong” or “alamang” but I used “se-oo jeot” which is the Korean shrimp paste, similar to our “alamang”.

Pinakbet for a housewarming party
Pinakbet for a housewarming party

Now, when I feel like eating Filipino food and I don’t have all the ingredients or I’m feeling lazy, I now know where to go. Last Sunday at the “Himig Pasko Tinig Pinoy”, a Filipino caterer – Annabel’s Catering – provided meals for free and their food was really good. I had “igado”, “dinuguan” and “lumpiang gulay”. The latter was a little greasy and the “dinuguan” just a tinny bit sweetish but it was good. Oh, I also remember taking home some corn soup and it was delish! I actually liked their food and I think it’s better than a lot of other restaurants.


  1. ate, eto ang nilantakan ko nong housewarming party mo kaya di ako nakakain masyado ng ibang putahe, haha. i loved it very much… thankyou po ulit sa take home mangoes ko.

  2. nice pinakbet.
    “mapait man ako, iyan ay totoo, lakas ng iyong buto, galing sa pait ko.”
    hehe. tula ko yan nung grade 1. gusto ko lng ishare. 😀

  3. Hello po, ask Lang po ako Kung pwede tayo maka pag order nang whole pig lechon dito sa Korea? If Meron po pahingi po nang contacts. Salamat po.

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