In-N-Out Burger

I’ve been in Los Angeles for a week now. We haven’t really been to a lot of places, just the shopping malls — and restaurants! Every time I come here, I make sure to visit the best burger shop in California.

In-N-Out burger; 2 orders of meal #2; inside In-N-Out
In-N-Out burger; 2 orders of meal #2; inside In-N-Out

I just love “In-N-Out” and who wouldn’t? Their burgers are inexpensive, fresh and oh-so-yummy. Do you know the Korean actress Kim Gyu-ri? She used to be Kim Min-sun but she had a scandal about three years ago. She said that she wouldn’t eat American beef but a photograph of hers eating an “In-N-Out” burger came out! Filipina superstar Judy Ann Santos craved for the burger too when she was pregnant.
My son had his first taste of burgers at In-N-Out near Universal Studios three years ago. He finished one whole burger and I ordered another one for take out. I didn’t know that there’s a branch less than three miles from my brother’s residence.
I wish we could have “In-N-Out” in South Korea, but that’s impossible. I like that they only have three sandwiches on their menu: double double, cheeseburger and hamburger; plus drinks and french fries.They could customize your order, though! Oh, they have milk and shakes, too! My son doesn’t drink carbonated drinks so I’m glad they have milk on their menu.
Yummy cheeseburgers and fries!
Yummy cheeseburgers and fries!

“In-N-Out” is surprisingly inexpensive. A cheeseburger is only US$2.20 plus California sales tax, of course. A cheeseburger meal (no. 2) is only a little over US$5.00
The best thing about “In-N-Out” is that it’s really good. In fact, it is almost always in the list of the best burgers in America.


  1. Its delicious ate Betchay! But take it easy ate, its full of calories and fats! otherwise you’ll have a hard time chasing your son 🙂 Enjoy ate Betchay! Happy holidays!

  2. My friends who’ve been to the states, rave about In-n-out burger. This will be one of my must-do list if given a chance to visit the US, apart from shopping for make-ups of course. :b

  3. Yum! There is one 3 blocks from my house. I’d mail you one, but I don’t think it would survive the flight well enough to not make you sick. Make sure you read up on the “secret menu” before going to one. Animal style burgers and fries, cheese fries, 4 x 4… all delicious.

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