Job Ad: English teacher for Kindergarten

A kindergarten is looking for a Filipino English teacher (already in Korea, preferably F-2-1 visa holders or Korean citizens). The school is located in Gunpo City.
The schedule is from Mondays to Thursdays from 9:30 in the morning until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The salary is fixed at 1.5 million won. No mention of health insurance nor pension. The school director prefers someone who has years of experience teaching in Korea.
If interested, please send your resume to murasaki_shikibo AT yahoo DOT com or you can call Vanessa at 010-2301-5729.


    1. because i want to teach too , so i was wondering po if you have any contact in daejeon na pwede ko pong pag apply yan..thanks po uli…^^

  1. Thanks ate jehan!!! dahil sa post mo nagkajob nko right away! im so happy,, i was just hired today… 메리 크리스마스!!!^^

    1. wow~~~talagang merry ang Christmas mo….how i wish ako din….how i envy you~~~badly needed a job bk mapalayas n kmi sa apt at mputulan ng internet ,fone,at kuryente…..congrats uli^^

      1. Yes.didnt expect for an early gift though ^^.
        Im lucky khit wala akong experience eh they gave me a na agad nxt week start na sa jan…i hope mkhanap ka search k lng then sa bawat search mo samahan mo ng dasal kay GOd..goodluck on ur jobhunt…happy christmas!!

  2. Congrats, they’ll surely love you. Filipinos are known for their hardwork and knowledge in teaching. Those korean kids will surely learn a lot from you.

  3. hi.. i have a quick question..
    “is it require to be very good in korean before they will hire you?”

    1. Hello!
      Well,it depends on the academy.
      Sometimes,they include it in the their ad whether they need a korean speaking english teacher.
      Like my academy, they dont need a korean speaking teacher.they even asked me to pretend that i dont know korean at all.(hirap magpretend ha)haha para ma force mga students na magsalita ng english.

      1. Hi, sorry medyo out-of-topic post ko. I’m also looking to get a teaching job in Korea (esp for children), but I don’t know where to start. U_U;; @슬아 how did you get the job? Ano pong reqts hinihingi nila? Congrats btw^^

        1. @lora; thank u ^^ by d way.i applied thru posted by jehan. Marami akong inaplyan.fortunately only 1 replied to me.and so compatible for me. the academy that im in didnt ask for anything.they just copied my diploma and my grades when i was in the univ.thats it!

          1. Thanks!! I’ll try that too. I hope I’ll be as lucky as you^^ I’m still in the Phils pero hopefully I’ll get to work in Korea this year. 화이팅~!

    1. Depende sa trabaho. May mga boss na okay, meron din namang hindi. At usually hindi uso “overtime pay” dito. Overtime work meron pero walang pay… hehehe

  4. Ate how can I apply as an english teacher in Korea? Actually, I’m a nursing graduate, but I don’t want to continue on that career anymore. I ‘ve been a tutor for koreans here in the philippines for half a year both online and offline.. can you help me?

  5. Hello,po,
    Interasado po ako ng mag apply as a english teacher sa korea, kya lang po when i send thru email sa mga emails na nkikita q true internet they reply that they need is from a country who speak native english, i doubt at same nawawalan ako ng pag asa,.. graduate ako ng eduaction at halos lahat ng working experience ko is about korean people, i dos online english teacher for korean people, i been in korea before last 2007 in hanjin busan, ..Mam my alam kayo na school na pwede ako magaply at tumatangap ng filipino teacher,, sna po mapagbigyan nyo ako,, more power po…jhoana

    1. Hi Jhoana! Unless may F-6 visa ka, wala talagang chance to work here as English teacher. Kung professor naman merong tumatanggap ng Filipinos. Ang dami na rin na Pinoy professors dito.

  6. Hi. I would like to ask about if you have available teaching in Gwangju City. I wanted to apply. Please recommend me. Thank you.

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