Free Korean Language Classes

My son would be entering elementary school next year. Because of this, I’ll be seriously taking Korean language lessons. In my almost nine years, I’ve attended Korean classes for less than six months and I don’t even study at home. Oh-no!!!

From Dongdaemun-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center
From Dongdaemun-gu Multi-cultural Family Support Center

Luckily, I met a Filipina here who told me that Dongdaemun-gu offers free Korean language classes to multicultural families. The classes are held at the Dongdaemun-gu Multi-cultural Support Center located at Kyunghee University (near Hoegi Station). I went there last September but they said they don’t accept students when the term has started. They are quite strict with their classes and they provide intensive lessons.
The spring term will open in March and they are currently accepting applications. There will be a level test on February 16, that will include speaking, listening and reading. If you’re interested, just go to their office on the second floor of the Human Ecology Building in Kyunghee University. They also have cooking classes as well as driving classes (to be announced). For kids, they offer free violin and piano lessons. If you’ve been in Korea for less than five years, you could also apply for a teacher visiting course. For more information, you can call 02-957-1073. One of the coordinators there speak English pretty well (with a British accent!)


  1. That’s nice to hear. i guess there is really so much demand and interest in Korean language (Hangeugeo).
    You may also try to study online thru All I can say is that it is a fun way to learn.

    1. The government is usually concerned with immigrant wives and their kids. I worry about not being able to talk to my son’s teacher when he starts school next year. At his day care, the wonjangnim speaks good English as she had stayed in the Philippines for three years ;p

  2. Here in Canada, non-profit organizations like the one where I volunteer in offer free English classes for immigrants who do not. Filipinos have the advantage of being able to already speak English, or some English (depending on the person), upon arrival.
    I see that the classes serve not just one purpose, though. I see that new immigrants are making local connections through these classes — with their mentors, volunteer mentors, and their classmates. The classes seem to be relaxing. Perhaps the only pressure they might have is passing the Canadian naturalization exam.

    1. Hi Aaron! That’s good. The only problem here in Korea is that it isn’t easy for newcomers to find these organizations offering free Korean language classes. I think the CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) in the Philippines should give out lists or addresses of support centers in Korea.
      The Korean government introduced a program called “Fresh Start” (or something like that) so that new married immigrants could easily adjust to the culture here.

      1. It’s good to hear that the S. Korean government is following a similar path being taken by Canada to become a multicultural society.

  3. meron din d2 sa gangwondo ang free korean classes, they also offer help to the newly moms who just gave birth. meron din clang subsidy sa sinong gus2 magaral ng driving, mga 70 percent discount..they also offer tickets sa mga mataggal na di pa umuuwi sa pinas …eto mga nagustuhan namin dito marami privilleges..

    1. hi kim! oo nga marami na kasing benefits na binibigay ang government ngayon… ayaw kasi nilang mahuli ang mga multi-cultural families

  4. HI!!
    Mahirap talaga ang korean… i was studying korean for 3 years with a korean teacher and still very difficult… the pronunciation >.< a~nomu oryeobda! ngayon dahil sa schedule ng work qoh i cant assit… but mura 185รขโ€šยฌ/year ๐Ÿ™‚ swerte nmn dyan, free classes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hi,
    ask ko lng po kng meron kaung alam na korean language class sa anseong geonggido, almost 2yrs n apo ako dito sa korea, nakakaintindi konti pero hirap parin sa conversation, macyado kc busy sa trabaho since dumating ako rito last oct 2010 walang time para mag aral ng korean language, sa mga kasamahan ko lng sa trabaho ako natuto kc tinuturuan ako ng ibang koreana dito since ako lng mag isa pinay dito. korean po ang asawa ko almost 8yrs na kami pero matagal cya sa pinas kaya magaling na cya mg english, so di na ako na aral ng language nila. but wen i came here naisip ko mahirap pala pag wala kng nalalaman.

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