Pnoy and Grace Lee "dating" according to Korean news

The news about the date of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Grace Lee first broke in Koren news on January 31st. In fairness, everything that has been reported is objective (unlike in one Chinese newspaper where they referred to the President as “balding”). There is just the constant mention of their 22-year age gap. In one news on Yahoo Korea, the netizens mentioned that what the Philippines need is a president like Park Chung Hee ;p Probably implying that we need to focus on more pressing matters, and not on the President’s current romantic interest. Or maybe that the President needs to spend more time on what the Philippines really need. Most of the comments are really about the 22-year age difference. There are a few comments about why the President is still a bachelor at his age. Any idea?
Today, another picture of Pnoy and Grace Lee is circulating on the net. It was taken on December 23rd and it shows the two enjoying a good laugh looking at pictures.

Pnoy and Grace Lee share a good laugh
Pnoy and Grace Lee share a good laugh

If you want to find out more about what the Korean media has been reporting on the Philippine president and Grace Lee, try entering this search term: 필리핀대통령 열애 (pil-li-pin de-tong-nyeong yeor-e)
Grace Lee’s Korean name is 이경희 (Lee Kyung Hee) and you could also search for her on Korean sites.


  1. we don’t like grace lee! masyado siyang atat na atat with her relationship with pnoy while asking us to give them privacy. she’s granting interviews left and right! what a contradiction! magpakatotoo ka girl! it’s obvious you’re using pnoy to gain publicity!

  2. I actually like Grace Lee. I’ve heard her speak numerous times over the radio and tv. She really carries herself well and she seems really smart and well-educated. A lot of the news saying she’s “praying for marriage with PNoy” are all misquotes. It turns out another Filipino tv personality Suzie was the one saying all those things about Grace and PNoy but the writers wrote their pieces so that it would say otherwise.

  3. walang Pilipinang maka gusto kay Abno Panot kaya foreigner na lang ang kukunin niya kasi madali lang. Foreigners? Madali lang silang magpalit pag nakuha na ang gusto, di ba?

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