A view of Bukhansan

I’ve only been to Bukhansan (Hangeul: 북한산 – the mountain north of Han River) only once. It was sometime in January of 2004 and I didn’t have a digital camera that time. The mountain was covered with snow and we hiked for about three hours. I remember sweating despite the winter cold, so I had to take off my down jacket. That same day, a man died when he suffered from a heart attack. We didn’t attempt to go up the peak because it was late — and the sight of the body bag discouraged me.
From our apartment, I have a nice view of Bukhansan. It would have been a perfect view if the two high-rise apartments were not there.

A view of Bukhansan
A view of Bukhansan

Bukhansan is a popular spot in Seoul for hiking and rock-climbing. Mining activity is zero
If you’re planning to hike a mountain, but you don’t have enough time to travel outside Seoul, think about going to Bukhansan. It’s easily accessible by subway and bus.
From eastern Seoul, take the subway line 1 or 7 to Dobongsan Station. Get out from exit 1 and follow the people wearing hiking clothes ;p Seriously, take bus 10, 39 or 48 and get off at the next stop. Walk towards Bukhansan National Park.
From western Seoul, take the subway line 3 to Gupabal Station. Get out from exit 1 and take bus 704 to Bukhansanseong Fortress. Get off the entrance to Bukhansan National Park.
It’s best to visit in the spring or autumn ;p


  1. People say Mt.Bukhan is one of the most fabulous mountains in the world. I agree with them. I am envious of you, Betchay, since you are living close to Mt. Bukhan. When you look at the pictures below and then you will realize why many people are admired by the beauty of Mt. Bukhan.
    Mt.Bukhan in the fall
    Mt. Bukhan in the spring

  2. haha, I have to correct the above-writing.
    – You will realize why the beauty of Mt.Bukhan is admired by many people – Sorry for my mistake.

  3. I am a Seoul-lover or Seoulphile.
    I love the mountains in Seoul and surrounding her.
    Seoul was chosen as a capital entirely due to these mountains and Han river 620 years ago, based on the Fungsu philosophy.
    You can appreciate the complete beauty of Seoul only from the mountains. The true beauty of Seoul must be appreciated along with the surrounding mountains. In this respect, Seoul is different from Paris, London, or Tokyo, which were built on the flat land. Enjoy the beauty and panoramic view of Seoul from the mountains. Fantastic!

    1. Korea, they say, is 75% hill and mountain terrain. We used to live on a mountain bordering the original Seoul (or Hanyang). The park there offers a different view of Seoul. I love seeing the city from Bugaksan (the mountain at the back of Cheongwadae) as it presents another view of the city.

  4. My homecity is also surrounded by mountains. But hiking is not much popular over here. Somehow.
    ps: Pollo, thanks for the links! Outstanding views of Seoul. Love it. Great shots!

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