A 6-day Seoul Itinerary

I’m posting this 6-day Seoul itinerary that my sisters had when they were here.
The three most asked questions I get from emails are:
– how do I apply for a tourist visa
– what places do you recommend to visit
– how do i get a job in Korea
Answer to the first question is all over the blog. As for the third question, I sometimes post job openings (and scholarships) as I learn them. To the second question, there are so many places to visit, but it would depend on the traveler’s interest. However, I’d like to share the places that my elder sisters visited when they were here.
My two elder sisters arrived via a Cebu Pacific flight at around 6 o’clock in the morning. I took the subway and airport train to pick them up – I was a bit late. We took the limousine bus to Seoul. We arrived home at around 9 o’clock in the morning. They freshened up and then we’re off to our first destination.
Day 1 (Sunday) – Cheorwon DMZ tour
Day 2 (Monday) – Seoul City Hall – Cheonggyecheon – Myeongdong – Namsan Tower – Namdaemun
Day 3 (Tuesday) – Changdok Palace – Bukcheon – Samcheong-dong – Gwanghwamun Plaza – Dongdaemun Shopping
Day 4 (Wednesday) – Namiseom – Night shopping around our neighborhood
Day 5 (Thursday) – Korean Folk Village
Day 6 (Friday) – Jogyesa (temple) – Gyeongbok Palace – Cheongwadae Sarangchae – National Folk Museum
Day 7 (Saturday) – It rained the whole day so we just went shopping at Wangshimni Station — my sisters really enjoyed this one!
Most of the time, we left the house at around 11 o’clock in the morning since I had to prepare my son and take him to day care. We walked most of the time. We took the bus a few times. We got on the subway going to and from the house. We had to go back before 7:30 because that was when the day care closes.
They most enjoyed the time we had at Korean Folk Village. They were very interested in Korean history as well as how Korea achieved its economic status in less than a century. They had a great time shopping that they needed me to send a “balikbayan box” for all the other stuff that they bought – bags, shoes, cosmetics, appliances. They just didn’t buy diamond saw blades.
Autumn is a great time to visit Korea. They came on the first week of November – when the leaves are really colorful. They are planning to come back someday to experience the other seasons of Korea.
More about the places we went to later and hopefully, I could provide more Seoul itinerary in the future ;p


    1. Sometimes, tourists would only visit one palace. I love Changgyeong-gung! When I was pregnant, I used to take the bus from our apartment in Changsin to the palace. I would just walk around and sit by the pond watching the ducks. It’s a lovely place.
      I’m not a fan of Gangnam-gu, though. I’ve only been to Coex a few times in my almost nine years here. There’s a royal tomb near where I live now, I haven’t been there though.

  1. Seoul attracted 9.62 million international tourists 2011.
    Seoul is getting more and more popular to international tourists. The number of international tourists to Seoul is annually increasing.
    Seoul attracted more international tourists than other major cities such as New York(7.6million), Tokyo(5m), Rome(7.9m),
    Shanghai(5.5m), Barcelona(6.7m), Vienna(6.2m), Amsterdam(7.4m), Frankfurt(8.4m), Milan(6.7m).

  2. I want to add a few more to your itinerary.
    1. Changkyung Palace
    You can feel the stark contrast and harmony of old palace, green lush forest and the surrounding modern tall buildings in Changkyung Palace. The beauty of Seoul is the contrast and harmony of old, modern and green lush forest.
    Enjoy the scenic view of Changkyung Palace http://blog.naver.com/imck81/80141800196

  3. 2.Samsung-dong including Koex Mall and king’s tomb.
    Samsung-dong is a part of Seoul Gangnam, which is Seoul’s newer development area and upper-middle class residential and shopping area. You can enjoy shopping and leisure together in this humongous Koex Mall. From Koex Mall you can take a walk to king’s tomb(seon neung), which is designated as UNESCO cultural heritage. Samsung-dong is also surrounded by green lush forest. You can find in the picture that Seoul is indeed the environment friendly mega-city.
    night view ; http://blog.naver.com/imck81/80143148974
    daytime view ; http://blog.naver.com/imck81/80142728155

  4. 3.bukak mountain trail and park.
    Betchay, you said you liked bukak mountain trail and scenery from there. I would like to consider this park as the most beautiful city-center park in the world. Bukak mountain was closed to the public over 40 years so that its nature is almost pristine and gorgeous. Now it is open to the public. It is a miracle that this kind of gorgeous natural park is located in the center of Seoul. Enjoy the gorgeous view of Bukak mountain trail and park.

    1. Yes, I love Bugaksan because it offers a different view of Seoul. My husband and I dream of having a house in Pyeongchang-dong, a village in Bukhansan. You can see the village from the pavillion in Bugaksan. The entrance to Bugak from Cheongwadae is now populated with coffee shops the last time we went there in December last year.

      1. anu po yung DMZ? I’ve been to Korea once as part of our school tour, and all I can say is that I have fallen in love with the place, syempre K-pop fan din ako, specially artists from SM Ent. do you know where it is? like address? hahaha I want to send some fan gifts sometime eh (sorry delusional ako). I love 4 seasoned countries din, and I love their holidays, nakakatuwa, sama mo na drama, I LOVE KOREA in short 🙂 (just sharing my love)

  5. Ma’am Betchay! hello! we’re visiting korea next week and i’d like to ask how are the conditions there in seoul? i just read from the news that there are some issues with the drills done in the yellow sea and how north korea is already giving threats. i’m praying that i’m just getting too paranoid. thank you. 🙂 hope all is well there

  6. hi i had already ticket to korea this coming june but how can i get visa since i dont have itr . im only a housewife my mom sent me a remittance. i have bank account,land title and car registration.and i travel a lot in asia like singapore kuala lumpur thailand hongkong china(group visa only)and sabah kota kinabalu.can i get visa this coming may eventhou my travel is on june? thanks and more power.

  7. wow, that’s a great itinerary! i’m planning on visiting sometime around august-september. i hear it’s better to come around september? do you have any recommendations on which areas are good for cheap fashion shopping? i heard namdaemun is a great place as such but i also heard university areas are cheaper. salamat ate betchay!

  8. Hi ms betchay…1st time ko lang po makapunta korea…single entry lang po and no friends there….no idea of the place kaya mahirap po ata ako makagawa ng itenerary….how can i make itenerary kc nbasa ko po sa blog nyo na mas ok kung my itenerary para dipo ma A to A pagdating po ng korea…Pls help naman po..thank you..

  9. hi betchay. i’ve been browsing your website and i have to say that u help me a lot on planning my trip to Korea. i’m planning to visit Korea this november. what is the normal average temperature in November? thanks again for all the info.

  10. hi po ang aswa ko po ay isa ring korean sabh nila mahirap ang asawa na yun bakit hindi naman totoo sana po makapag schedule na po ako para makakuha nang certificate i hope na pag bigyan ako kahit bumabagyo pumunta parin kami para makpg seminar!!!! sobra hirap talaga!!!sana maintindihan niyo po kami kahit bawal ang agency panu namn po makakarating sa puntahan kung wala tulay.. yun ang agency hindi makaka tawid ang aswa ko kung wala ang tulay yun ang agency sana maintindihan niyo po maraming salamt po sa lahat lalo na kay mam cindy ang bait at c mam ivy!!!

  11. apat na buwan an po kami nag kita sa skype at pati narin po yung lahat nang family nang husband ko nakita na ako gusto ko po sana sila makasama at pwd rin po bah na bigyan niyo po ako nag shedule sana po twagan na po yung number ko 09099921979 i hope na makuha ko na certificate ko!

  12. Hi po.. How’s the weather in Korea now? I read your response above na parka is okay for November. Is parka good enough pa rin ba for around 3rd week? Will be visiting next week. I plan to bring a long down-filled jacket. Hinde ba overkill kaya ang jacket ko? Baka naman pagpawisan ako hehe.. Pero parang nasa lower single digits kasi ang nakikita ko sa weather forecast.. TIA =)

    1. Hi Lissa! If you’re the kind of person who easily feels cold, then bring a down jacket. If not, parka and layering will be enough. I wear a wool blend coat and sweater these days and I’m fine even when it’s windy. Anyway, consider also that you may be staying a lot outside.

  13. Thanks for this post, helpful indeed! I was searching for nice spots to visit in South Korea when I came across your blog. We are a Filipino family (husband, me and our daughter) based here in Tokyo. We will be visiting Seoul for the first time from Jan 4-7. We are excited and at the same time anxious about things to keep us busy with. Your blog ‘enlightened’ me in a way. Thanks again!

  14. anyeong haseo betchay! pwede mag ask.. do we need a visa pa rin even if a week lang kami sa seoul? thanks! hoping for your reply

  15. Hi ms betchay. Would like to ask weather on 1st wk of dec. We will be going there on dec9-12, 2013? Is it a good idea to go to nami island at that time? Thank

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