Koreans and Onions at Costco

One habit that I learned in Korea is eating raw garlic, onion and pepper. Whenever we go to Costco (our nearest branch is in Sangbong), we always get an extra plate for the chopped onions and mix them with mustard and ketchup. It’s our side dish since the supermarket doesn’t offer kimchi at their food court.
This must be a Korean phenomenon since I didn’t see this at the Costco we visited in the US. Oh, am I glad that most prices in Costco here are the same in the US. The hotdog set is 2,000 won. A slice of their humongous pizza is 2,500 won. A favorite of mine is their Bulgogi Bake. It’s quite huge and for only 3,700, it makes a nice meal.

Koreans, Costco, onions, mustard and ketchup

Costco is an American chain but we often go there for things that we can’t get at our favorite Korean supermarkets. You can’t get everything there and we don’t always go out with things on our hands. The food court makes up for it, though.


  1. I am a long-time Costco member in the US and one of my favorite food in the US Costco food court is a hotdog. I always eat a hotdog with chopped raw onion which Costco is always serving.
    Yes, you can always find the chopped raw onion in the US Costco because many Americans eat hotdogs with chopped raw onion.
    Mexicans always eat burritos together with chopped raw onion and chopped raw pepper(jalapeno – Mexican pepper). If you like the Korean food, probably you would like the Mexican food as well. The Mexican food is also very hot and spicy, using onion and jalapeno a lot.

    1. A few years ago, I didn’t notice Koreans eat that much onions at Costco. I know Americans eat hotdogs with onions, but not a plateful as a side dish. Anyway, onions is good for our body. When I was pregnant and my blood pressure was high, my husband would slice a big onion and put it in the food processor with an apple. I drank that to lower my blood pressure ;p

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