Philippine goods in Korea – online

I really envy that my brother lives nearby two Philippine supermarkets in Los Angeles. Island Pacific and Seafood Island are both just five minutes by foot from his residence. Both stores have a wide range of Philippine goods – from food to toiletries. I would visit the stores almost daily just to buy some snacks – pastillas, Chippy, Clover, Mr. Chips, chicharon, Selecta ice cream and milk chocolate for my son (because he likes Magnolia and Milo).

Asia Mart and Seoul Market sell Filipino food products

There are a few stores selling Philippine goods in Korea. The Philippine market at Hyewha-dong is only open on Sundays, while the other stores are situated far from my home. Good thing is I could order online through two websites that I know – Seoul Market and Asia Mart. Their prices are similar. Too bad, they don’t accept credit cards. Of course, you could always pay by bank transfer.

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