Jasmine Lee is running for Korea's Congress

Jasmine Lee

Something that we already expected and were just waiting for the official announcement – Jasmine Lee’s inclusion in the list of Saenuri’s proportional representative candidates. In the Philippines, it’s similar to the party-list. Saenuri is the Grand National Party (GNP) of Korea. It used to be called “Han Nara Dang” or “One Nation Party”, where the President of South Korea belongs.
Jasmine Lee met Park Geun Hye, chairman of the party and the daughter of former president Park Chung Hee, at an award ceremony early this year. It was actually on Jasmine’s birthday ;p Last Tuesday, Saenuri announce its proportional representative candidates and Jasmine got the 17th slot.
Jasmine Lee has been on the limelight since she started appearing on KBS TV’s “Love in Asia”. She has done several TV shows including “Learn Korean with Foreigners” on EBS and the currently airing “Global Quiz Show Korean King”. She has been in two movies: “Soul Brothers” and “Punch” (which was last year’s blockbuster film). Aside from her media blitz, she is also the director of “Waterdrop”. It is an association of married immigrants, many of whom have been on the show “Love in Asia”. She is active in supporting the multicultural family.
While Jasmine is a naturalized Korean, she speaks Korean like a native. She has spent more than half of her life in South Korea. Born and raised in the Philippines, she has matured into the person she is now in South Korea. She is as unique as a pandora bracelet.
What could Jasmine Lee do in the assembly halls of Korea? That we have to know during the campaign period. The elections will be on April 11th. We just hope that only the best people who can best serve this country win!


    1. Hi Joanne! She visits the Philippines quite often. She also has charity projects there. I guess what she meant was her life is in Korea. Her children are Korean (and their friends are too) and they have family here.

  1. Jasmin Lee should first be proud of Being a Filipino. Be proud of where you were before!!

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