Spring snow in Seoul

Was it just a few days ago when I was lamenting that we didn’t have much snowfall this winter? Don’t you just love it when you know it’s spring and you get a surprise snow fall? Today is March 24th (two months later it will be my son’s 6th birthday) and the last day when we’ll have a negative temperature. It’s currently 6 degrees and we don’t expect the weather to be warmer than that today. Tomorrow, it will really be spring and I’ll have to put aside our winter clothes.
Even though we are not going to have the March snowfall we had two years ago, today’s still made me excited. Too bad, our neighborhood isn’t as pretty as the one we had before. Come spring, the nearby university would be a sight to see with its famous cherry blossom lined driveway ;p

March 24th snowfall

Welcome spring! I can’t wait for your flowers to bloom…


  1. Hi po Ms Betchay! Me and my family will be in korea by tuesday march 27 until march 31st.. is there any chance that we can experience snow? thank you!

    1. Hi Anna! I don’t think so, but who knows? From Sunday, the temperature will be double digits…

  2. ate parang sooo boring nga ang winter ngayon. dito sa gimpo, 3 to 4 times lang nagsnow and after a day or two, tunaw na ang ice. di gaya ng 2010/11 winter, laging white ang kapaligiran… super ginaw, mas maginaw pa last winter pero walang snow…
    in april 2010, nagsnow pa sa may location ng hagwon namin non.. i didn’t expect to experience “april snow”… pero sana nga uminit init na rin… laging gusto ni SooAe maglakad lakad sa labas sana…

    1. Hi Jehan! Oo nga hindi ko feel winter ngayon kasi walang snow. Masaya last year, daming snow! Anyway, spring na and then summer tapos fall at winter na uli. Hay! Fourth month na hindi pa rin tayo pumapayat! Bwahahaha

  3. Ate Betchay..I will be in Busan -Jeju-Seoul from April 2-9..do I need to bring super thick clothes or jacket? my friend even bought a bubble jacket and a boots for our trip and I haven’t shop anything yet..

    1. Hi Xiandi! Nope, you won’t need super thick jackets anymore. Pagtitinginan ka lang ;p
      Just bring a jacket or a sweater/cardigan so you could layer. No need for boots, instead wear comfy shoes because you’ll need a lot of walking!

  4. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    We’ll be in Seoul on April 2-6. Meron na kayang chance na makakita kami ng cherry blossoms? Kahit yung hindi pa full bloom ok lang! 🙂

    1. Hi MKS! Most likely eh papalabas pa lang ang mga cherry blossoms. Siguro mga buds pa lang pero okay na rin yun ;p
      Try ninyo visit ang Changgyeong Palace kasi marami rin silang tanim dun.

  5. Hi betchay, we’ll be seoul next week and be there for a week…where is the famous chery blossom festival that we can go..and what your suggestion place that we should go …

    1. Hi sha! That will be in Yeouido… just take the subway to Yeouido, Yeouinaru or National Assembly stations
      I would also recommend visiting Seoul Grand Park… a lot less crowded than Yeouido

  6. Hi Betchay,
    I would like to ask you about the weather in Seoul and Jeju. I’m traveling to Seoul and Jeju on the 15th-22th April 2012. What’s the average temperature?

  7. Hello there! I find your website quite informative… I’ll be bringing my kids to Seoul end of April til 1st week of May..are there still places with snow? kahit tip of mountains ba that we can go to? appreciate your feedback!

  8. Hi,pls help me. I’m going Korea in 26 April for 1week. Do I need to bring winter jacket ? The weather forecast is like highest 19deg to lowest 6 degree. Don’t know what to wear?

    1. Hi Joan! Definitely not! Just bring a jacket/cardigan that you can wear in the morning or at night.

  9. Hi! Pag po ba 2nd week of March may snow sa Seoul? Sensya, nagbabalak kasi kami pumunta for a short trip sa March 2013. Para maplan ahead lang po outfit =D. Thanks.
    p.s. your site is very informative 🙂 tnx!

  10. Hi!we’ll be going in Seoul by the second week of march 2013, how’s the weather by that time?thanks!

  11. Hi dear…we are going to seoul & jeju island from19 of march 2013 to 26 of march 2013….i’m just wondering what type of clothes that i should prepare? because i couldn’t imagine how cold is cold for 9 degree Celsius….need your advise dear…thank you so much 🙂

  12. hi, my family will be going for a vacation in seoul on march 27-31. i googled d weather forecast for dat time and d highest s 16 celsius n lowest s 2degress celsius. do we need to bring thick jackets and where can you recommend us to see the cherry blossoms at this time?

    1. Hi Mapet! Cherry blossoms usually bloom by the middle of April, but you can try Jeju-do. Flowers bloom in the southern area earlier than in Seoul. As for clothes, I usually wear a long-sleeved shirt or sweater and a thin coat these days.

  13. Hi Betchay I’ll be in korea april 2-9 ask ko lang if malamig paba weather nyan tym nayan? Can I just wear shorts and t-shirts?

  14. Hello! May I know what we can wear if we are in seoul between 6th to 10th March? I checked and know the temperature but not the dressing. Do we have to wear a windbreaker? Or can we just wear a fleece jacket, a long sleeved top and long john? Thanks in advance for your advice!

    1. Still cold that time. Definitely bring a fleece jacket and long sleeve shirts. I looked at my photos from early March last year and we still wore parkas during that time.

  15. Hello ms bet hay. I will be in Seoul by may19 2014.. How will be the weather like at that time..and is there still cherry blossoms? Thank you god bless

    1. Hi! The cherry blossoms are gone by the last week of April, but there are still flower festivals in Korea during that time. Also, check the Lantern Festival in Seoul. You shouldn’t miss it if you’re here by that time.

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