Training Class for Married Immigrants in Bucheon

To those who are interested, the Bucheon Women’s Center will conduct a FREE training class for married immigrants called “다문화 플레이 코칭강사” or Multicultural Play Coaching Trainer. The main requirement is ability to speak English.

Multicultural Play Coaching Trainer

Registration is only until April 25th. The classes will start on April 30th to June 27th, Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM.
To apply, prepare the following documents:
1. Valid identification (Korean ID or ARC)
2. 2 ID photos
3. 주민등록등본 (get this from the “dong” office)
4. resume
5. 혼인관게증명사 (marriage certificate)
Only 20 people will be accepted into the program.
Call 032-326-3004 for more details. HT to Ann ;p


    1. Not sure if meron, it’s best to call the center. Pero sa experience ko sa isang training na in-attend ko, nire-recommend nila yung mga trainees sa mga naghahanap. So marami rin akong kasama na nakuha ng job from the training.

  1. hello Ms. Betchay, namiss ko po ata yung email niyo regarding sa pricelists, paki send nlang din po sa isa kong email ko to be sure: . Maraming salamat po

  2. his sis dito ako sa seoul gangbukgu puwede pa kaya akong makahabol sa registration under ako sa goverment ,43 years old ako.

    1. Hi Susan! Mas mabuti tawagan mo sila. Ask mo rin sa Junggye Welfare Center kasi last year meron sila.

  3. Good Day Miss Betchay. Meron pa po ba silang offer n ganitong training ngayon s mga womens center?? interested poh kc ako n mg participate s gnitong program s lugar namin.
    thnk you and God bless poh

    1. Hi Jhan! You need to check with the multicultural center in your area. Usually, in-offer mga programs tuwing spring or fall.

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