Love in Asia special for Parents' Day

Longtime friend Razel Kim was featured on the Parents’ Day special of Love in Asia. It showed her special relationship with her mother-in-law (her FIL passed away a few years ago) and her husband’s with his parents-in-law in the Philippines.
I “wrestled” with my son for the remote control so I could watch this episode. It showed Razel’s naturally playful attitude and her positive outlook in life. Like I said in a previous post, one could learn a thing or two from her. She is one person who knows how to fight and live life to the fullest. She is very generous not only with her family but with her friends, too.
Even with her busy life working for her family here and in the Philippines, she spends time to practice with her group “Damayan” to showcase Filipino dances here in Korea. Isn’t that wonderful? Geez, I’m so proud of my friends here in Korea as many of them work not only for themselves but for the Filipino and Korean communities as well – and I don’t need to enumerate everything they’ve done and have been doing ;p
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If you want to be in “Love in Asia” too, you may contact Razel but I heard they prefer to feature other nationalities for now.


  1. Oh that’s a very inspiring story!Razel is a huge inspiration to all filipinas married to Korean nationals..I admire her cool attitude and she’s a very loving daughter in law.Thanks ate Betchay for posting..

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