At the Heart of Motherhood

Cliche... but nevertheless true.

May 13th is Mother’s Day, but we don’t celebrate it here in Korea. Instead, we celebrate Parents’ Day on May 8th. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Have you prepared a special gift for your mom? Or perhaps a special plan? I was thinking of sending my mother a perfume, but I kept on forgetting to order in time for the big day.


  1. I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I don’t have an idea yet but I think we will just have lunch or dinner in the mall.

  2. Hi there, it’s strange how Mother’s Day dates are different all over the world. Ours (UK) was in March. It would have been nice if it’s celebrated on the same day for everybody.
    And Happy Mother’s Day to you by the way. 🙂

  3. Happy mother’s day to you. Yes, I already prepared something for my mom, and hope she’ll like it. So, how’s the parents’ day in Korea? Thanks.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day;) Mine was spent with the whole family. I’ve hosted a lunch for my Mama and my MIL. it was a great day–spending a special day with my “tribe” and the lolas.

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