UCC Contest for Makgeolli Globalization

Korea's traditional wine - makgeolli

Here’s another chance to come to Korea for free! Join the UCC Contest for Makgeolli Globalization. Everyone who’s 19 years of age can join. Anyone from Korea or outside Korea, foreigner or Korean can be a part of this contest to promote this traditional Korean drink.
The grand prize includes a Minister’s Award plus 3,000,000 Korean won! That’s enough to shop and bring home a lot of Korean stuff. On top of that, the grand prize winner from overseas will also win round-trip tickets for two to Korea plus hotel accommodation.
For more info, visit the contest’s official website.
Good luck to those who are joining! I love drinking makgeolli especially on a rainy day like today. It goes well with “bindaetteok”!
In the meantime, I need to check the tub fittings at home.


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    Anyway thanks for your post!

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