Team Korea, FIGHTING!

It has been almost a week since I visited my own blog. There are over a thousand comments to moderate and I don’t think I can do it fast! I’ve been busy the past few days preparing for lesson plans for our hagwon’s special summer classes. The parents have to pay extra so I really want to make my classes worth the money they’re spending.

Anyway, the London Olympics will officially open on July 27th. We are all excited for that. This is the third Olympics since I first came here in Korea – Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008 and now London. Looking at the schedule means a lot of sleepless nights again as we always try to watch the games live. I remember that during the Athens Olympics we would be up at 3 o’clock before dawn just to watch a soccer match!
Good thing that we’re having our summer vacation next week – oh except for me! I still have to work on August 1st, when the majority of Koreans start their trek to their summer getaway. My husband’s family have made reservations for a pension house in Gangwondo. The price of accomodation nowadays is just outrageous. What used to be 150,000 won in off-peak season is now 350,000 won! Whew!
By the way, please stay tune for some giveaway. I owe my loyal visitors for still sending me emails asking me why I haven’t been blogging… When you’re living in Korea and married to a Korean, you’re a housewife doing household chores. When you’re living in Korea and married to a Korean and working, you’re a housewife and a worker. When you’re living in Korea, married to a Korean, working and with a child, you need to balance your time being a wife, a mom and a worker. Plus if you’re a blogger… blah, blah, blah ;p
Now, back to work at 2 AM! In the meantime, checkout Team Korea’s schedule of games in London! Good luck to Team Philippines too!


  1. So glad you’re back Ms. Betchay despite of your hectic schedules…
    We missed your updates, news and etc. about Korea..:)

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