Preparing for Typhoon Bolaven

How do you prepare for a typhoon? Typhoon Bolaven is expected to hit South Korea. We don’t really experience strong typhoons here but it is better to be safe than sorry. Since we live in an apartment, our windows are made of glass and maybe prone to damage by the strong winds. Here’s what my husband did:

The photo above is of our kitchen window that my husband taped. All our glass windows were taped and he used up all my packaging tape. What does the Korean government suggest the citizens do when there is a typhoon? Visit the website of the National Emergency Management Agency for what to do before, during and after a typhoon.
Be safe everyone! We are staying home the whole day tomorrow as schools are closed and my husband isn’t working because he needs rest after arriving a few hours ago from his trip to South Africa.


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  2. typhoon bolaven was the super typhoon karen which was supposed to hit the philippines but it skipped ahead

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