Expensive Chuseok Gifts

We are celebrating Chuseok (harvest festival) from Saturday, September 29th to October 1st. We already did our shopping for the food we’re going to prepare for the coming weekend. We are not preparing any gifts to give our relatives, though. Personally, I like it that we don’t have a gift-giving tradition in my husband’s family during the holidays. On the few occasions that my sisters-in-law prepared gifts, they were usually the gift boxes one can get from the supermarket, i.e. inexpensive presents like a set of cooking oil, kim or dried seaweeds, socks or towels. I like it that way. Preparing gifts would be added pressure during the already stressful holidays.
I love “eye-shopping” during the holidays here in Korea. The prices of some gifts are mind-boggling! Just like these gifts we saw…

Truly pricey Chuseok gifts

The boxed Korean beef is only 1.2 kilograms but the price is 207,000 Korean won (7,705 Pesos or 184 USD ) while the five pieces of Yellow Corvina is 499,000 won (18,574 Pesos or 445 USD). I wonder how the fish tastes like… Too bad I don’t have the moolah to satisfy my curiosity ;p


  1. hi there..m goin to seoul soon ..end of nov..we need someone to guide us on touring..u know anyone who freely can bring us for walk in seoul?? thanks ..

  2. Ate Betchay..even if I’m that rich.. I wouldn’t spend a whooping 18,500 pesos on those fish..I’d rather eat tuyo hehehe
    Happy chuseok to you and your family 🙂

    1. Sa Sept 27 sarado mga malalaking stores ~ marami rin restaurants ang sarado. Sept 27-28 ang Chuseok this year. Libre mga palaces sa Chuseok.

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