PSY Live in Seoul and on Youtube

We are celebrating Hi Seoul Festival from October 1-7. During the festival, tourists and citizens alike could enjoy the free performances at different places in Seoul. I was in Gwanghwamun this noon and I had so much fun watching a traditional Korean performance. The audience were asked to join the cast in the end to dance. If you have time, just go to Seoul Plaza and walk to Cheonggyecheon or Gwanghwamun. At Gwanghwamun Plaza alone, there were two performances at the same time. One happening near Lee Sun Shin’s statue and the other one right across the street from Gyeongbokgung.
Tonight, October 4th at 10PM another performance will rock the city of Seoul. PSY will have a free concert at Seoul Plaza. It will be broadcast live on Youtube. Are you ready to brave the crowd? If not, you can watch it on Psy’s Official Youtube page.
Here is Psy’s tweet about the event just a few minutes ago…

PSY tweeted this a few minutes ago!

I will try to be there as my husband and son are both fans of Psy. My son, in particular, would love to sing to Champion!
October 4, 2012
10 PM (Korean time) – 9 PM Philippine time
Seoul Plaza or Live on Youtube

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