Show off your "Gangnam Style" to win a trip to Korea!

Win a free trip to Korea!

Here’s another contest for those who’d like to visit and see Korea for free! All you need to do is make your own video of “I am Korea Style”. Upload it on Youtube and wish hard that you’ll win!
The contest runs from October 10th to 28th while the announcement of winners is on November 2nd.
For more details, visit the KTO page for the “Show off your Gangnam Style and Win a Trip to Korea Contest


  1. Oh what a horribly embarrassing contest! Could you imagine how many hilarious Psy-impersonations there are going to be now? Don’t forget that you also have to email them (and not just upload to youtube lol) to enter the contest. I might get the courage to try it, but not sure its worth the humility haha.

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