Kris Aquino in Korea

I didn’t know that Kris Aquino is in Korea. I was in Everland on Monday accompanying a Filipino family on a tour. While waiting for some of them to come out from the restrooms, Kris and her entourage passed by and went straight to Kizcovery, an indoor playground for kids. She asked about the Madagascar show and the lady behind the counter explained where the show was on Kris Aquino’s map. At this time, I was behind Kris. I didn’t even think about taking a photo.
Anyway, after the lady told her where they could watch the Madagascar show Kris and her entourage went straight to Sky Cruise. A member of my tour group asked me to take a photo but it was too late…

Kris Aquino wearing her red leggings with Bimby following her.

That was all I could get! I hope they enjoyed their Everland trip ;p Am I excited to see Kris Aquino in Korea? Not really. I’m quite amused to see a Filipino celebrity when you least expect it.


  1. hi ms. Betchay! You mentioned on this post that you were touring a filipino family. Do you by any chance do this as part time work? Just asking because my family will be there in two weeks and we are fixing our itinerary. šŸ™‚

  2. I have been to Seoul 3x, Busan2x and jeju1x. This February, me, my husband and 2 daughters will be going to Seoul to experience the winter season. I think it would be very cold outside. I am planning of checking in at Vabien suites for 3 nights and the last night would be at Lotte Hotel where Lotte world is located as it is an indoor park. I have seen from KTO a pic of the garden of morning calm where it will be lighted up during this season. I have gone to this garden last June via train and taxi. I am a bit afraid of going to this place and stay until it is lighted up as I am afraid it wont be easy for us to commute plus the cold winter. I just would like to know if you know of someone, a reliable cab driver where we could hire his services for a day and charge a reasonable price and knows English. Thank you very much.

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